Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image

That’s 307 games!

But please, no more Pong or Tic Tac Toe games :slight_smile:

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oh i should have mentioned game.ini in the repo contained the version (sometimes) author and description it would have saved you some time

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No problem … its done now!

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Cheers and thanks for adding the games

Added Waternet!


I have just added instructions on how to add your own games to the cart and make them available to the community, here.

Just added:

  • Ardulem
  • Tower of Pain
  • MallArd Hunt
  • Lagunita
  • Picovaders
  • Ardusweeper

Anyone got a copy of ‘Shattered Lands - Sea of Despair’?

I don’t think @tuxinator2009 actually finished that.

Ah … it’s on the XL cart but that doesn’t mean it’s finished!

Time for an unfinished / Work in Progress category?


I’ve got a few that could be added to that category.


Just added:

  • TV Tuner
  • HP35 Calculator
  • PI 24K Browser
  • Super Soldiers
  • Santa’s Happy Little Packer

You may need to refresh / clear cache for new games to appear.

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And how could we forget:

  • Love Tester by @pharap!
  • Magic 8 ArduBall
  • Breakout-v (Vertical orientation)
  • Spooky Ghost Halloween Chrome Dino
  • World’s Hardest Game

… and the most useless one, Chirp by @eried

That’s 325 games / applications. Some of the late finds are great!

I am sure I left out a few but I think that’s it.


Love Tester.

Oops … sorry. It was correct in the cart itself, just not above. (I have corrected it above too!)

Actually I found some more …

  • Donkey Kong JR
  • Manhole (by Gibs)
  • Manhole (by KenC)
  • Octopus
  • Parachute
  • Vermuino

I have added a Game and Watch category. That’s 331 games / applications.


I loaded up the whole enchilada recently and have been working my way through the games. So much fun, thanks for putting this resource together!

So far I have noticed that “Tris” and “TwoTris” (next to each other in the puzzle category) have different descriptions and authors, but the games themselves seem identical to me… possibly something got mixed up? Also the link to instructions for adding your own game in the OP of this thread isn’t wired up correctly.

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All fixed, thanks @rudism

While I was at it, I added:

  • Bomberboy
  • Rooftops
  • Garboyle’s Quest
  • Jump Boy 2
  • Button Trails

That last one was one of mine (well Press Play on Tape).

Amazing work - putting this all together, @filmote
I was wondering if there’s any plans to add a search functionality to this application.

You’ve done such an amazing job of consolidating everything and inputting the info, that this could very much serve as the gold standard, go-to place to find games.

Right now, you have the search for non-selected games, so if I’m looking for something specific, I sometimes just x out most or all of the columns from the Whole Enchilada collection, which works but is obviously not the intended use.

If it’s not on your radar, I’m happy to look into adding it as a PR, but I have a few projects I need to get off my plate first.

Search is there already - across all entries.

If yours is not doing it, then do a cache refresh. Can you do me a favour and check that it is working?

It seems to work for me:

Entering HO …

Edit: I really should have added that unless you have a wide screen, you may miss some of the matches on the right hand side :slight_smile:

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