Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image

For sure. I have over 150 games on a flash chip half the size as yours, and I’m using less than half of the available memory.

Does this version of the cart builder also have the patcher that ads the up-down reset feature if it’s not using the Arduboy2 library?

Yes. it patches games just like the python tool does. All games are patched unless that game uses a custom ISR (they are most likely already compiled with the button Combo)

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what happens to games i might be uploading ? Do other people see these as well or do only i see these in my current sessions and do they get cleared afterwards ? I might be tempted to upload a test build of the game i’m working on. It’s not finished so i don’t want it to get spread around just yet but it would be nice if i could somehow get it into one of the sections in my FX menu so i could test other games as well as show my game to some people. when testing the game at home this no issue as i just can press A button to launch my game after having uploaded it but if i start another game it gets overwritten so only solutions is to add it somehow to the FX default game listings.

Edit: i managed to backup the original fx data, downloaded the bin file from the complete image and inserted my game locally using the python tools from mr.blinky. I also have some extra games in the mean time :slight_smile:

Nope, just you.

Again, only you can see it. (And me if I could be bothered looking in the temp uploads)

When you say locally, do you mean simply by uploading the one game (flashing it) or by adding it to the FX bin file?

Ok thanks good to know

No i downloaded the bin file (the complete one) from the website and used python tools to “decompress / expand” the flashable bin file so i had the folder structure with hex files and images. I just added an extra category folder with a “Deving” picture and and My game as it is atm with a picture in “01” directory. then i used python tools again to “compress” to a bin file again and i used same python tools to upload that flash bin to my arduboy fx. so thats what i ment with locally i never uploaded my game to the website (as i was not sure what would have happened).

I do use the upload of the single game feature when testing from within Visual studio code, i can keep playing (/testing) my game then by pressing A on the arduboy fx screen to launch the uploaded game. But as soon as i would select another game (from the menu’s) it will be erased / replaced

I wanted it to be temporary be selectable from the arduboy fx “menu’s / loader” so i could also show other people’s games to colleague’s as well as the game i’m currently working on

I should probably clarify that a bit more. When you upload a game it is given a unique name based on your session id and a sequential number. So are category headings and other images you upload. If you save the CSV file you can retrieve them between sessions or give the csv to someone else and they can retrieve your game.

Also did you use the ‘Create Category’ button to create your category image?

New games …

  • Tiny DDUG (Daniel C)
  • Asteroids (CDR_Xavier)
  • Galaxian (tak02)

Added to the Arduboy cart as they were already in the XL one.

no, i did not use the site at all to add my category or game, the only thing i did on the site was download the bin file of the complete set. I just checked the folder structure and the csv from the expanded bin image i had downloaded and went from there, i saw that any new folder was a category where you put the image in the “0” folder, i copied one of the images of the other folders so i knew dimensions and edited the file in gimp to make it say “deving” and then i added my game in “1” folder along with a image and edited the csv to reflect my changes. Then just compressed it all again based on the edited csv and uploaded to my FX using the python tools.

The game i’m working on is mainly finished i only need to add eeprom saving to save progress in the game and test it a bit more. I was happy to see that the game ran ok and faster than on the gameboy where i initially made game on.

Oh … sounds like you really did it the hard way, but at least it worked!

When you are happy with the game, I would love to include it in the cart.

I would love that, thanks. I’ll make a seperate topic soon about the game and let you know when it done.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I have a question i noticed in another thread it’s possible to define the start and end address of the EEPROM data the game uses so that the arduboy FX can back it up when a new game gets flashed. Is this system in place / being used and if so how can i provide this data somehow do i have to hex edit the flash.bin to add it or do you manually add those somehow now or did it never got implemented ?

Its not yet available and is still a WIP. @mr.Blinky - or resident expert on all things FX related - is looking at it!


I have another question, i came across Erwin’s Arduboy collection site (or their github containing hex files) and noticed there are games on that site i can’t seem to find back on the “whole enchilda” list. Is the whole enchilda list supposed to be a complete list or more to represent the current list on the FX along with some newly added games ? Or is it related to certain kind of copyrights / licences / authors not being ok with it?

i went through the list on the site (using the github) and noticed these are missing on the the cart site. There could potentially be a double i missed, if the game was named differently in the folder name compared to what is used on the real site and the cart site.

I only made the list so i can potentially download them myself and add for my own game list / csv but also just in case any was missed. I noticed certain of them used the gamebuino library for arduboy maybe they were omitted for a reason ?

You guys probably went through that list yourself already and was just wondering about it

Epic Mini Games!

Crate Confusion
Cutie E (warning R-Rated)
Harambe’s Revenge
Miss Snake
Train Dodge
Unicorn Dash

Super Soldiers




Do You Remember Love
Petit of the dead

Ufo-Race (it’s a nice game but you can’t save your time or get out of that screen on the arduboy because it required pressing the C button which arduboy does not seem to have)

Ardu Turf Masters
Electronic Quarterback


I actually started with the repository that @bateske was using for creating the FX image. For copyright and licensing reasons, I know he left a few titles off and probably used only those where he could find the source code. He also chose to omit the GameBuino ports.

A number of these are on the XL cart - its source was the repo maintained by 8BitCade.

I will run through these titles and add those not already in the cart. Thanks for identifying them :slight_smile:


Ah that explains it.

Btw i noticed certain games that are in the 3 in 1 games also exists seperately. And i came across 3 games already that were named differently so i edited the post to remove them

Thanks … I haven’t had a chance to do anything yet. It will probably have to wait for the weekend!

  • The 1943 game is replaced by 1944 - Battle of Midway.
  • PiCross is one of mine!
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i removed 1943

btw what i do for checking if a game exists is removing all categories on the cart site so all games are in the “can be added list” and then i just search on game name in that to be added list of games

edit: oh wait the “1st link whole enchilda” contains different games compared to the “XL List” i always used the 1st link to check if a game was potentially missing

The whole enchilda is for Arduboy FX games and so is ereid’s repo. The ‘XL list’ is for those games compiled to run on the 8BitCade XL. They are almost the same but there are some games that appear only on one list. I cannot take games from ereids list and put them on to the XL without compiling from the source.

ah i see so i can not mix them to make them work on my arduboy without recompiling ? as i had been trying todo that in excel well i actually just finished it but i guess it won’t work then. I won’t upload them to my fx then.

Guess i’ll have to revert to manually adding the files ereids repo again i already started doing that yesterday and they seemed to launch but i was unaware the hex files from the XL list was compiled for a different system and they do not work on the arduboy … It makes sense now.