Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image

I’m trying to add my game to a cart image, but when I add my hex to the upload form (along with a png and filling out all the fields) and try to submit, it flashes a yellow error message “Invalid HEX file selected” at the top. Am I doing something wrong? The hex file loads fine on my Arduboy and in the emulator.

Can confirm, evolution is far from playable or complete, it’s joined the “I’ll get to it eventually” pile of doom. Still got the notes for the plans though, might take pics and put them in the readme or an ‘assets’ folder.

So after some digging I think the problem is that the uploader expects an empty mime type, but for some reason my browsers are all identifying it as text/x-hex. Not sure why. Also not sure how to work around it, other than use a different computer I suppose.


Do you mind sending me that Hex file in a PM so I can have a look at it?

Is it ready to add to the cart? If so, I will add it in for you if you give me all the details too.

Out of curiosity, what OS are you using when you compile it / when you load it? (Assume probably the same).

Yes i think so also but it is possible there are some things that never got onto the forums here but might be like finding a needle in haystack :slight_smile:

The games look interesting there’s a puzzle game a space shooter game and some utility to mimic mouse movement on your pc using usb (mouse) HID functionality

I only checked the first few github pages did not check all of them, but i would guess certain non english speaking people might have never posted things on the forum or perhaps even english speaking people but still i’d suspect most of the (finished) games (at least) to be mentioned here in some way or another but still you never know :slight_smile:

just thought looking for the include might give us only arduboy related repos in the search results

Yeah … his look good. I am going to add them!

When finding other content out there probably be a good idea to contact the creators and let them know you are archiving their work. May also be cool to invite them to the community and make a post for their game if their isn’t one.


Agreed … and will do.

Awesome, thanks so much!

Five new ones …

  • Candy War
  • Slangin’
  • Toolbox
  • Incher
  • Phos

That makes 365 … one for everyday of the year!

Edit: And some more …

  • Pixel Portal
  • Pocketchi
  • Arduboy 5x5
  • Play Note

Today I Learned… CSV can be manipulated and reformatted with sqlite:

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@filmote - It would be good to provide the OG list for @bateske’s FX Gold Cart.
This is useful to restore an FX unit, or just as a smaller, curated starting point.

Great idea.

Also, maybe a cart with no shooting?

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I’d suggest just a ‘Kids Cart’, with really fun and simple games.
With just say a dozen or so games and no categories. For years 4+ ?

Is it possible to delete a game from a category?

Yes, just drag it to the second column (under the ‘Upload Game’ button).

Are people making new splash screens with the carts they make? Curious!

Ah ok. That wasn’t so intuitive for me.
Removing something from the Tools section is a looooonngg drag!
Is it possible to have an ‘X’ on each game-screen, or perhaps trashcan when you click through to the game’s details? Is it deleting- or just moving back to the stack?..

When the emulator crashes, it prevents me closing the game detail screen. I have to reload and lose my work…

A ‘remove from cart’ on the details screen might be easy enough. I am not sure whether I can detect a right-click on the image … will have to give it a go.

All I can say about the emu crashing is to save your work regularly. I want to add a flag in the csv file that indicates whether the game plays nicely on the emu or not. I suspect sometimes that games sometimes play and other times might fail which would make it tricky.

You can detect a right click but it’s a pain in the ass and generally not a good idea. (google docs for example)

Maybe you could have a floating “delete” drop area that is shown when you drag the things. Kinda like when you move apps on the homescreen of a phone.

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