Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image

Migrated the details to a database to remove the need to update multiple lists with the same data. To maintain backward compatibility and the functionality to save / load your own list locally, the database can generate the original CSV structures via a number of views.

This new structure allows me to create and build carts for the Arduboy FX, the 8BitCadeXL and other compatible platforms. It will also allow me to add a ‘like’ feature and have this dynamically update all lists.



Now there’s something I never thought I’d see again.
I’m suddenly having college flashbacks.


I was waiting for it to end up in a database! Congradulations on graduating! Haha this is exciting!

Working on a refresh of the website again to try and make useful content even more available, will need to bring this to the front page soon!

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My original design was to keep the format of the files exactly as @Mr.Blinky had designed so that people could save the CSV locally, reload it later and use his command line tools if they wanted to. Adding a database and keeping this logic was a little tricky … in fact the server streams the database back to the front-end as a CSV file still!

Sounds convoluted but I think the ability to save / reload a custom cart is worth it.


I have added a ‘Like’ feature for the games.

Once some history is built up, I will add a page or some facility to view the most popular ones.


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With the addition of @obono’s Morse Code Trainer, we now have 378 games and applications!


@filmote took a short break from my arduboy and I am super stoked to see a FX Cart Image GUI completed!

For some reason the links are not working for me, do you think you could just drop the .bin file for ‘the whole enchilada’ haha

it’s killing me because the links were working on my other computer back in the office… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Ahh man, the company hosting the site has had a couple of server issues. It will be up again soon.

I logged on to their support portal last night and there were 186 people in the queue before me. They are aware their is an issue!

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Dang! I appreciate you getting right back to me! I’ll be checking up on it!

Yeah sorry … all I can say is you are going to love it when you see it working. (well I hope you do!)

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All up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience :grinning:

I saw! thanks for checking in for me. The Cart Builder works great! Intuitive and easy to use :slight_smile:

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Just added ‘Rush Car Builder’ by @blakewford … the 379th game for the FX or Mini.

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380 games!

The newest addition is @raspberrybrain’s ArduJudge!


Thank you for adding it!

No problem!

Probably a silly question, but if I make a cart image and flash it to an Arduboy, play some games that save things like high scores to EEPROM and then flash a new game to it, does all the save data from the previous cart get erased too?

They dont… but sometimes some data on eeprom, could clash/use the same adress. In those cases it might be overwritten.

Is there a way to change the default splash image the “loader” menu image with this?