Building and Coding a Homemade Arduboy: Lessons for Junior High Students)

I have put together some Arduboy coding lessons for 7th and 8th graders.

Building and Coding a Homemade Arduboy: Lessons for Junior High Students

These guides are on my personal teacher website that I direct my students to. I have finished the first guide: First Game - Software Coding Basics
You can see the hardware and future lessons I am still working on. It is slow work while I’m in the middle of the school year but my students are doing great! I will continue to update as I make progress.

Here is the $8 homemade Arduboy clone that my students are making.

Thank you all so much for your help! My students love making Arduboys. I had found Arduboy as a hobby for myself and I just had to share the experience of building a homemade device and programming games for it with my students.

I hope that these lessons can be useful for others too as a way to give back.


Those lessons look well thought out. Nice work!

I assume Junior High is an American thing. Does that make the kids about 12 / 13?

I have written some tutorials myself but without a teaching background I have struggled to structure them nicely and present concepts in a soft way.

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This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!

The use of an I2C display is really smart. Cutting down costs, space and easier to build, better for beginners. And you still have a functioning Arduboy at the end of the day.

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There is a downside to that though. I2C is slower, so for some games that do a lot of work it might struggle to update the display fast enough. (Not that I know of any in particular.)


True, but as a coding/engineering lesson for junior high students, it has all the benefits.

Nice and easy to follow lessons.

The the display update code is slower. But it works suprisingly well. As long as the game doesn’t use more than 71% MCU power (which are most games), there won’t be any slowdowns.

A buzzer and a resistor cost a few cents and it would give a lot of value.
I agree with cutting the rgb led as is not that useful.

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