Bulk order and distribution restrictions


I have 2 questions about Arduboy (business?):

  • If in the future I needed, for example, 10 Arduboys: there is some channel to do bulk orders?
  • Can you load something in the Arduboy and give them away “legally” or there is some restriction on that?


Because I got my Arduboy days after going to a workshop in Spain and started to relate everything my company does to a little Arduboy game that we can give away to clients.

I am waiting the replacement for my dead Arduboy; but my plan is to start coding a game that represents all the company activities and then show that to my boss to get it approved :smiley: instead of giving away other gifts in workshops we can have “the whole company in the wallet”


Hi @eried that sounds really cool! I’ll send you a DM with more information… If anyone else is interested in wholesale or bulk orders you can contact us through the contact form :wink:

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