Button problems on Pro Micro with Blinkys

I have this weird issue where strange things happen I have my button/s wired to a Pro Micro with a SSD1309 display. I am using Mr. Blinkys fantastic package, 2.4" SSD1309 and regular buttons and I have checked my soldering on the Pro Micro with a multimeter if there was any shorted pins (none). The behaviour is as follows:

  • When I upload a sketch, the process is stuck on uploading and there is only one led on the Pro Micro that is lit. It doesn’t start flashing. No problem with getting board info on com port prior to this.
  • If I disconnect the buttons, uploading the sketch works as intended and my screen shows arduboy without glitches.
  • If I plug the buttons back to the Pro Micro, there is a number ot different things happening: Frozen screen stuck on boot, white screen stuck on boot, booting but the buttons don’t do anything.
  • If I take a wire out from a button and then just touching the breadboard connector, it is actually performing a button press. Like if I upload Ardubreakout, I can get the ball roling if I touch the button pin, but not if it’s inserted.

I’ve looked at many clones with the same layout (https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Video-Game-Using-Arduino-Arduboy-Clone/) and can’t see that I’ve done anything wrong with my wiring.

What puzzles me the most is the fact that the uploading process gets stuck. Any ideas?

A rather messy photo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jh97HgBl8tPDyyR2JI5_6y-RW0MvppM0/view?usp=sharing

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Took a quick look at the pic of your wiring. You have all buttons shorted to ground. You need to wire diagonally across the tact switches or else it is like the switch is not even there and you are pulling all inputs directly to ground.


I noticed the same as @sjm4306. The contacts opposite of each other are internally connected. you should use the contacts beside each other or diagonally. here’s a picture if it’s confusing.



Finally! Thank you both! I’ve been reading these buttons all wrong! I can see now that I was sending current through all of the connectors, so the problem is now very obvious.


You were on the right track by recognizing that the problem only happened when you attached the buttons so you were able to isolate the issue as something having to do with buttons themselves. That made it very easy for us to figure out what went wrong at a glance rather than having to pick apart everything from only a vague description!

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I work with support in the field of IT and pedagogy so I know what kind of background information I want from those who are in need of help. Getting “I can’t login” in an email subject and then nothing else won’t get you far :slight_smile:

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Ah, makes sense you have a technical background. I deal with many non-technical people and sometimes it seems they think I am some sort of psychic by how little info they give and expect me to magically pull a solution from thin air. I’m good but not that good lol.

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