Button recommendations

I was wondering if anyone could give me some good recommendations for buttons. The ones I’m using on my homemade arduboy don’t seem to last long. I’ve had to replace them a few times now. These are the ones I have https://www.ebay.com/itm/301489759296. I’d like to replace them with buttons that I’m not having to constantly change.

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I have used this ones in various projects, they have a more soft feel but respond very well.
(Mind you if ordering from china take in account that it can take a long time before they start shipping due to the corona virus)


Awesome. How well do they hold up to use?

In my projects very well, but i have to say i haven’t broken any normal tactiles either :wink:
I know that there can be a huge quality difference between (normal) tactile buttons, some last for ages some die after a few pushes.

The silicones are not as “clicky” so they feel more like a normal gamepad, i like this but that’s my personal preference.

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I’ll have to give them a try then, thanks. These ones I’ve got now seem to only last for about a month of light use (10 min roughly of gameplay a day).

Just took a look and the dimensions of those buttons won’t work, I need 6/6/4.31mm and those are 8/8/5mm :frowning:

Oh, that’s correct the body is indeed larger. So you can’t just swap them with normal tactiles (only the leg footprint is the same). Too bad. Are you trying to put them in a standard arduboy?
Edit: re-read you first post it’s a homemade arduboy

Maybe a silly question, have you ever tried to open up the dead tactiles to see what’s causing the problem? Just cut of the four blobs on top and take of the metal shield, sometimes there can be some little parts (left from production) that prevent them from making a good connection. Just close them with a tiny drop op 10 sec glue (cyanoacrylate).


I’ve not long-term tested these but am using them in my next homemade board https://canada.newark.com/alps-alpine/skpmame010/switch-tactile-1-57n-6x6mm/dp/94T3259
Soft feel too. May be taller than you were hoping but fit on a 6x6mm (with some margin for soldering the pads). My only concern is lateral forces peeling the pads of the PCB so I put a plated through-hole in the centre of my otherwise SMD pad. And I plan to try and support the sides with a printed cover for the PCB.

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I havent taken them apart but next time one of them goes i should. I just assumed it was the cap inside that is wearing to quickly.

The problem for me is the height. I think i could fit the 8x8mm no problem but i only have room for 4x3mm in height. To go any higher id have to redesign the whole shell.

You should open them up, just for educational purposes only :wink: just to see what’s causing them to die so quickly. Think buying better quality is the best solution, but hey that’s why you asked our advise in the first place!

Maybe there someone can recommend a good store to buy quality tactiles…

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Buy original ones through the popular online electronic suppliers. ALPS produces some long lasting quality buttons.

I also like the buttons @SimonMerrett linked too. The buttons have a good mechanical push and silent silicon rubber domes inside. Can’t give any stress testing result yet as I’ve not used them that much yet. But I’m sure they last longer then those high force tactiles. In general you can say that the more force is required to push the button the faster it wears down.

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Looks like the skhh series has the height im looking for, thanks.