quick and lazy game.

Push the buttons before they get to you!
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Is this an entry to the Jam? It could be … Game Jam 5: Pretty Simple

Should be this is kinda what I was thinking!

Just played this for awhile and wanted to write out my thoughts on it:

  • I thought the game mechanics were fun and the floating controllers coming towards me was exciting! I thought the fast moving buttons coming towards you could have been delayed until you mash a few successfully first.
  • I really appreciated the shock wave that expands when you get hit and that wave wipes the field. This is a great mechanics since it let me get my barrings before the next buttons came. Used in a lot of games and is implemented great here.
  • I really wanted to move around and get items to slow buttons coming towards me or multiply my score.
  • I kept expecting a mini-game wave where buttons come super fast and if you get them they are worth twice. The fast wave wouldn’t effect your current health, but just a way to break up the game.
  • A count of successful buttons mashed would be encouraging to my progress. While playing I kept trying to count how many successful buttons I successfully pushed. So far I could get up to 8 without getting hit. :P

It seems like a bullet hell DDR and would love to see this submitted in Game Jam 5.


A lot better than what I can do right now! :P

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Making this and entry seems like a good idea! I need to polish the game up a little before i submit it though. I’ll get to it as soon as im back from my vacation in a few days.