Buttons for Arduboy

Kevin, I was wondering if the buttons, both directional pad and A/B will become loose or worn down after lots of use. I ask this because I’ve had this experience with the Xbox controller and Nintendo DS, so this thought came across my mind. Please let me know, thanks!

I would love to say we invented invincible buttons for the Arduboy, but chances are if Microsoft and Nintendo have this problem, Arduboy will too at some point.

We used gold plated snap domes with a light touch and gold plated 1oz copper on the PCB, so it’s got the best chance to survive a long time.

The new factory actually has a test fixture to try and see how many thousands of cycles before the button starts to fail, but it’s going to take a machine to find out. I’ll let you know! Of course if you do ever have any problem with your buttons, please let us know! :slight_smile: