Buttons Trail

ButtonsTrail.ino.hex (61.2 KB)

This great little game was written by Wan Sou.

My version is still a WIP and has only 17 levels so far. If you play beyond that you get garbage!

I am trying to contact Wan Sou to ask for their permission / beg forgiveness / ask for the remaining levels.

I will also surprise @vampirics with a new game that he can wave his magical, artisitc wand over. (Anyone who views the title screen will understand why it needs it).


Hi, there are only 20 levels in the ‘original’ game, so… you only need 3 more :slight_smile::muscle:

I have only got to 16 on the original. I want to make a whole lot more levels if I can!

You should have your complete makeover soon :stuck_out_tongue:. I like the little minimal game idea a lot.

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Updated the HEX with some graphics makeover … still not finished yet.

Including some obligatory particles!

ArduboyRecording (2)


This game idea is great, and the implementation is quite nice.

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looks great!, good to see improvements over the original :slight_smile: the stars system is a really nice addition :raised_hands:

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Plays Game

Immediately falls off


Sorry if this seems an unfair critique…
The beauty of the original game’s level design (including flashing arrows) is that is guides the player very ‘lightly’. As we play, we are rewarded by “Aha!”, on each new step we learn. I think adding an intro text deprives the player of that reward.
Please see this great commentary after Phil Fish’s explosive comments on Japanese games, by Jonathan Blow ~ Phil Fish "Japanese Games Just Suck" - YouTube

“ … Being logical about game design, is too easy to take too far and then you have nothing; you have a joyless husk … ”

The original game is stripped bare to the very minimal components, even forgoing any scoring to encourage experimentation. IMHO it is an excellent example of design that encourages playfulness.

Fair critique but will be ignored :slight_smile:

Refer to the comment from @bateske above. Not sure if he doesn’t understand what to do in the game or he is just telling us his learning experience.

Regardless, most people will just skip over the instructions themselves and learn the hard way.


Again, I really love the original design decision to have that death mechanic. It would be very tempting to make this a purely intellectual puzzle, with no traps. That’s more common for ‘Path-Making’ games. I really enjoy the skill / dexterity element :slight_smile:

We now have all 20 levels and some very basic sounds.

Anyone want to create some custom levels? Will pass on appropriate accolades and 50% of our sales.

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I think if anything this says more about what the people on the panel consider to be “Japanese games” than anything else. It seems to be more of a commentary on what Nintendo are doing than what Japanese developers in general are doing.

I can think of a handful of reasons for the increase in tutorial-heavy games (unsurprisingly, money is one of them), but I don’t want to take this too far off topic.

If people don’t fail multiple times when playing a game, they’re doing it wrong. :P
Getting things wrong is how one learns to get them right.

(If you’ve never caused a segfault, are you even programming? :P)

I think the game is brilliant I’m just terrible at video games.


You’re like me … I am hopeless at most games too.

OK … so a few enhancements:

From within the game pressing A zooms in / out and pressing and holding B returns to the menu.

I have also added the first of my own levels. Not sure if they are as good as the originals but at least it adds four more levels!


Possible bug(s):

  1. Playing in the emulator, on level transition it starts zoomed in (was zoomed out previously). Is that because it’s reading EEPROM that hasn’t been initialised?
  2. On completing a level, image of switches scrolls out before new level scrolls in.

2 is not a bug.
1 could be.

We now have 30 levels. Dangerously close to calling this done (for the moment).