Buy Arduboy in UK?

Hey! I’m new to the website. I’m wondering if anyone is selling any Arduboys? I want to use them in a coding unit on my course and I’m kicking myself for not backing it on Kickstarter. I recall them being £25 - £40 but the limited few on eBay range from £60 - £150 (some limited edition). Is there a student discount available directly? I 100% want / need 1, for myself, but I was thinking of getting a few for my team / class but I can’t see that happening.

Any advice is appreciated. :slight_smile:
Thank you
Kittea / Emma

You can buy from Pimoroni I believe they are an official reseller.

The only eBay listing (at point of posting) that’s a fair deal IMO is this Arduventure unit as they worked out just under £80 with shipping and duty and are not available through resellers due to the limited run.


Yeah there’s also:
CoolComponents =

I was just wondering if anyone is selling it cheaper. I was expecting to find it quite easy to get a hold of and therefore cheap (£20-£30 preowned) but I can’t find it anywhere (eBay, Gumtree, Facebook, CEX etc) and I’m brilliant at finding things / good deals.

Yeah I also found that Limited Edition one, I think it was £65 or £70 when I saw it yesterday so it must’ve been reduced to £55 today. It’s tempting but I’m not 100% sure I’ll be using Arduboy yet or will like it plus what’s the difference between that one and the original?

Beyond the cosmetics the Arduventure unit is the same.
If you just want to test how you get on with the system there’s the ProjectABE emulator or breadboard options.

And quite frequently they have a 10% off promotion. Just keep an eye out for it.

People just love to hold on to them they’re that good :wink:

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Like @Mr.Blinky says, very few people end up selling their units because they’re worth holding on to even if you don’t use them everyday.

I’m not aware of anywhere you can get a bulk buy discount, but you could try getting in touch with Arduboy Inc itself through the contact form to see if they could do a discount if you buy several.

However, it would depend on how many you’re planning on buying (4-5 probably isn’t going to get you much of a discount, but 15-30 might), and you’d have to factor in delivery time and potentially having to pay tax because they’d probably be shipping it over.

Functionally there’s no difference, but the Arduboy edition is a special edition, so there’s only a limited number in existance and they won’t be making any more, hence why they’re more expensive.

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Thanks for all the replies. I decided to buy the limited edition one from eBay. I was checking eBay to see if there were any new ones since yesterday, there isn’t, but the one that was linked here has been reduced to £50. It was originally £70 I think. I would wait to see if it goes down more but I didn’t want to risk losing it lol.

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