Buy Kickstarter Arduboy! $29

Maybe we need Arducredit


arggggggggggh! Decisions, decisions! If only the offers and store came online last week!

I so wanted a dev kit but now there’s kickstarter editions in all colors too, and then the gold backs! And then the wow $20 shipping and then I tried to get one of each and then the total and my budget argued bitterly so I just snagged one yellow gold back and one red KS edition… and then wondered if should have grabbed a dev kit instead…

and now I’m worried if I had mixed up my billing and shipping addresses… sigh. What’s the email address I should write to to double check?

if were doing arducredit sign me up for one of every model and colour :stuck_out_tongue: but i agree i got lucky and have a boss who would float me monies so i didnt miss out

or ardulayaway like i throw $50 down and another $50 a month minimum till there all paid in full then you ship em :smiley: :smiley:

@senkun i also got a yellow gold back :smiley:

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“Screw Issue: The screws are known to potentially come loose after heavy use”

Is this something that can be fixed by the user with the right screw driver? What size bit would be necessary?

EDIT: I just realized you probably mean the four exposed screws on the back :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it’s worth asking if any other screws would come loose?

my question in regard to the same thing,

is it only if your taking the cover off and on alot?

Shipping to Spain is expensive (20$) but better than buying a 40-50$ arduboy+shipping from other distributors.
Just buy a yellow+gold edition, i’ve build some ‘fakeduboys’ in protoboards with my computer science students and i really want one of the originals for me.

Thanks for this offer and the gold case looks really nice!!


i ordered one of those aswell :smiley: im surprised they didnt sell out before the slightly cheaper yellow kickstarters without the gold back

update: just got mine in the mail, @bateske your boxes always make me smile, screen shotting my first game this time :smiley:

p.s. i like the new stamp


I bought one at $50 the same day this sale started, arg!

Oh well, I don’t mind paying full price for something this nice. :slight_smile:


International shipping is tough for us, but I think we can reduce shipping for Canada to 10, Japan and most of western Europe to 15.

Easy to screw back in, and not all models have the problem. We also can provide replacement screws if needed.

the backwards led issue, would that cause the led to not work at all?

i get a blue light on the left on powerup, where as my production model has a redlight at powerup

(im not complaining just curious)

Reading up on that issue, it would seem that the rgbLED still works, but red and blue is swapped and no green.

PS: I am still waiting for mine to arrive and a bit jealous you got yours so quickly! Are you in the states?

Thank you! That’s really great news! $15 is palatable.

By months end I should be in a position to hopefully pull the trigger on yet another purchase.

Would there be a shipping rebate / credit on store purchases already made?

im not in the continental united stated but i am in usa (hawaii)

Just made the shipping cheaper and made a coupon code that is available in this thread


Buy more Arduboys! Only a few left!

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I want to!

But no love for reduced shipping to my location? I sent you a PM, it really should be the same as for shipping to Japan :–)

This is a really nice offer~ I do hope there will still be some left in a week’s time.

At this rate it does look like some should still be there, we’re running a promotion on Facebook at the moment.[quote=“senkun, post:30, topic:3315”]
But no love for reduced shipping to my location? I sent you a PM, it really should be the same as for shipping to Japan :–)

We added Taiwan and Australia to the $15 tier. If anyone has friends at DHL plz contact me :package:

Is their going to be a restocking? My sis wants one but she doesn’t like the normal ones neither does she have the money?

Sorry we are all sold out and don’t have any left. As far as discounts I think Seeed puts them on massdrop from time to time, so that’s worth checking out. We will likely run a special before the holidays too, stay tuned!

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