Buy now or wait?

I’ve been looking at the Arduboy for the last couple of days and have been considering getting one. However, I’ve also recently seen some discussions here about a possible successor coming out.

So my question, is now a good time to buy or would it be better to wait and get the successor?

In the topic of the Arduboy Z(ero) will this be a kickstarter project?
Is there any timeframe for its release?

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How long do you want to wait? I wouldn’t bet on the next generation becoming available for quite some time. No specific time frame has been determined. If it were me I’d buy an Arduboy now. You can always sell it or give it away and purchase the next version when it becomes available.

It’s the same thing as seeing a concept car at an auto show. Should you gamble and wait until something similar is made available by the manufacturer, or should you buy the current year’s model and gain the benefit of being able to use it immediately?

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Yeah, the next Arduboy iteration won’t be out for quite a while. I can almost garauntee that it won’t be out until 2018 at the earliest. Planning to release a device like the Arduboy can take quite a while, so people are just throwing ideas out there to make sure they’re heard. :stuck_out_tongue:

The current Arduboy is great and I love making games on it! :slight_smile

Awesome, thank you very much! I think I’ll bite the bullet and buy my first Arduboy!

The next question I have is about shipping costs. I’m in Vancouver Canada and purchasing from Adafruit adds $31 in shipping bringing the cost to $80. And Pimoroni adds £5.50 bringing the total cost to £45.50 (about $73) which is better but still quite expensive. And SeeedStudios doesn’t seem to work for me. Would you guys have any suggestions about where to purchase an Arduboy and reduce shipping fees?

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It looks like Robotfun in Canada stocks the Arduboy too!

Alternative options:

Adafruit USA
Pimoroni UK
Fabxfab Japan
Seeed Studio China
Switch Science Japan
Exp Tech Germany
Sengoku Densyo Akihabara Japan
RoboFun Romania

As for Seeed Studio… their website is down? Or you can not access?

For more reading:

Always looking to add more distributors! Maybe a suggestion to where else you would like to see it sold in Canada? :slight_smile:

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Main issue with Seeed Studio was that I was unable to select different shipping and billing addresses (possibly due to the fact I was browsing on a mobile device) regardless you have given me a number of places to look. Thank you very much!

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Can’t wait to see what games you make!

Sayal Electronics may be a good candidate to approach as a distributor. They sell Arduino products, hobby items, electronics parts, tools and many other things.

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