Byte Monsters - A monster-taming RPG [Dev Log]

Today, I’m excited to announce my latest game, Byte Monsters! It’s a monster-raising RPG where you can battle and evolve your creatures. The battle system is really unique and the game will feature ~200 monsters. @drowsy_oak and I teamed up to create this game and hope to have it released sometime this year.

Here’s are some short gameplay demonstrations:

More information about the game:

  • Inspired by games like Pokemon, V-pets like Tamagotchi and Digimon, but with several unique twists
  • Requires the Arduboy FX
  • ~200 monsters designed/planned
  • The ability to replay the game and store old playthrough progress
  • Possibility of some kind of multiplayer functionality!

I’m going to use this thread to answer questions and to regularly post updated about the game’s development, including monster reveals.




Looks great!!

I’m interested to hear your approach on this! How could multiplayer work?

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Using a secondary device to forward serial data over the internet is one idea that’s been discussed a few times before. To my knowledge nobody has ever got around to trying it. (The closest I ever got was getting an Arduboy to send serial data to a Pokitto and vice versa, again via a middleman device.)

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You could probably make the game save a code that would translate into your monster’s stats and have another player enter your code to make it fight on their device or something.


The i2c link was discussed for the new mini.

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This is f#%$ing awesome, i cant wait to play it!!!

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This is a cool idea, but it relies on AI playing the same as your friend would. To make it fair, the player would also have to have their team controlled by the AI, too. :laughing: So, while fun, I didn’t want to go this route.

As @filmote said, an I2C link cable should be possible, in the future, and I plan on taking full advantage of that! I am making sure that I am programming the game in such a way that the AI’s logic could be controlled by an external force (the linked opponent).

Thank you, so much! That means a lot to hear!


This is looking great!!! @drowsy_oak’s design have really developed wonderfully! :star_struck:
Very excited to play this!

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This is so sick, definitely gonna be looking forward to this :heart_eyes: The first question that comes to mind: Will the monsters all have a unique “call” sound like in pokemon games? I think hearing them make different short strange noises from the buzzer speaker from each Mon when they attack or when they’re caught would be such a satisfying polish.


This is amazing, probally gonna be my favorite arduboy game when it cames out.
200 creatures is a large roster, and for what ive seen soo far alot of great designs.
I just hope when this is finished it comes with a quick guide or NPCs of the game explain mechanics to you along the way.

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Hey, that’s an awesome idea! I’ve briefly spoken to someone interested in doing some music on the Arduboy, and all I was thinking of was just background music. Those kinds of SFX would really bring the creatures to life. Let me ask around some more people.

Oh, I definitely plan on having a lot of guidance and instructions built into the game. For instance, in the early Pokemon games, I don’t even think they tell you anything about the type chart in the game beyond a few different examples. I will try to show that type chart in-game, actually. XD That’s just one example, but I hope to put basically program an entire guide book into the game. Also, there will be a lot of NPC’s that will help give tips and hints, too, so if you want to learn the mechanics, in an organic fashion, that’s also available! :slight_smile:

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There is a hacked library for ArduboyTones that allows it to play from the FX chip here. It will allow you to save precious PROGMEM.

There is also one for playtunes.

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This is a fantastic channel and I loved that video. I think we’d want some more voice-like sounds, though. Maybe even using the ArduVoice library? :thinking:

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Here is a little more info about Tricerastone. This character reveal was fun to make, so I am gonna make a few more!


You know… you will have to come up with 255 monsters… and have 256 overflow to give you the legendary MISSINGNO:nerd_face:


Haha. This is a fantastic idea!!

…Although the reason I loved Gen 1 was the limited 151 monsters- just felt more personal /memorable … :sweat_smile: