Cake day of the Creator

Whoah it’s been 7 years I’ve been logging into this website! Over 8 years since I first started working on the project.

If you’ve been around for a while you know what’s coming next…

Thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone in the community for supporting the project and making it last so long. My dreams for the platform are to make it more accessible with better integration of the emulator, trying to make app versions of it, get a cheaper version of the hardware or kits available and get that into schools with the hardware being an optional component. Other than that to put an rp2040 in a micro arcade.

And last but not least of course the shipping of the batch of Arduboy FX will coincide with a game jam of epic proportions. The plan is to offer huge prizes to anyone implementing external storage in their games, to have it be a long term game jam and also to try and do it with also.

Thank you so much everyone! Looking forward to the rest of this year hopefully some really exciting things to come! (Final edition Arduboy??? Arduboy Mini?? Arduboy XL???)

If anyone has anything to say about their time here please feel free to drop it in the thread.

Thanks again so much, none of this would be possible without you!


Happy Cake Day!

I am looking forward to seeing an online FX Cart builder.

Not to get too real, but working on DIY Arduboys she learning to make my own games through this community has literally saved my life a few times. Not only have you created a wonderful little device, but you’ve also created a supportive community of people trying to help others learn! So many forums devolve into stepping over and antagonizing other users, but anything like that would be quite rare here. Bravo to everyone in the community for making this such an awesome place for people to learn & share their creations with others :clap: :clap:


Happy ArduboyDay!

Oh my is it that time already. Happy birthday.

I’ve had a lot of fun in the last month making an adventure game for my nephew in Japan. Using lots of procgen to make sprites and layout levels using a linear feedback shift register. He requested a game where his guinea pig named Masanori rescues sausages that were stolen by the naughty parrots. Because that is what is important to five year olds so away we go.

importantly, if you call the following with the original seed 63 and get 4 bytes from it

uint8_t randomv() {
uint8_t lfsr = seed;
lfsr ^= lfsr >> 3;
lfsr ^= lfsr << 5;
lfsr ^= lfsr >> 7;
seed = lfsr;
if(!seed){ seed = 1; }
return lfsr;

and then reflect the bytes to make an 8x8 sprite. well, it looks a bunch like a naughty parrot. So that’s great :smiley:


Anyway, happy gaming, happy devving, to everyone.



Looking forward to the epic game jam

お久しぶり @Bergasms

Just to set the record straight:
A cakeday isn’t a birthday, it’s the anniversary of the day someone joined a website.
(It’s an idea that originated on Reddit.)

That’s fine I still have birthdays though I’ll save it till September :slight_smile:

My favorite thing through all of this is when people teach their kid using the Arduboy that’s pretty rad. I love it when they learn together. Good times.

I wanna get the emulator into being an app then turn the lessons into little popup bubbles that walk you through it.

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Happy Cake Day, Kevin :cake:
Thank you for creating a great device with an awesome community centered around it :smiley:

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I’ve just had my 11th reddit cake day two weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue: I’m familiar with the term.

feels like the birth of our community though, if that makes sense.

Yes it does make sense!