Calling all teachers!

I’ve reached out to some amazing community members who have used the Arduboy in their classrooms, and if anyone else is interested to do so, this is the best place to ask questions and share information! :smile: :apple:


Hi ! As a french art teacher, I use Arduboy with my students to create drawings in pixels and learning code at a beginner level. These are some pictures of the sprites we made. The arrow, the rabbit head and the boy are included in a code that shows a character to the screen, and we can move it in four directions with the D-pad. The running cat and the growing tree are animations in loops that just appear on the screen without interaction. The rabbit head and the tree were made by a teenage girl, the boy were made by her brother and I made the arrow and the running cat. The cat were made from pictures of Muybridge. I can send the ino files to people interested.


Yes I would like to see the source code! Maybe you can create a new post in the “Education” category and call it educational demo? :slight_smile:

These animations look interesting … what age are the students you are working with?

Those ones are 12 and 14. But I could work with students from 6 to 60. It is private tuition, so I go to my student’s home and I teach to one, two or three persons in the same time. Most of my lessons are with traditional art stuff (paper, pencils, paint,…) but I use Arduboy to do pixel art, animation, simple video game and coding. I am not a proffessional programmer so I teach the very basis in coding.


Oh that’s great … I am guessing kids would respond positively to the Arduboy and would not even consider it learning when they play with these. I am currently writing a 4 (?) part series for the Arduboy Magazine that pulls apart and rebuilds my Pipes game. It could easily form the basis of some educational package.


I like traditional art, it saddens me to see that a lot of modern artists are doing things entirely digitally.
There’s something magical about using a proper pencil and real paper that drawing tablets don’t quite capture.
(When I draw, I use pencil. Shameless “look I can draw” plug here.)
I have nothing against pixel art though.

I will be sure to read it, I love puzzle games.

I would love a copy of possible … Looks like great fun :slight_smile:

I’m a Computer Science teacher in the Netherlands.
I’ve suggested this device to my students for their Christmas wish list :slight_smile:
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Is there already a set of tutorials that are used in an actual classroom? Or do I need to start being productive?

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@bateske and @Celinebins spoke of putting something together out of @crait and my tutorials. They would provide a great starting point if you were to put something together.


If I can be of assistant @Celinebins, @bateske and/or @crait do not hesitate to ask for help.

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The “Education Kit” pledge of the original Arduboy Kickstarter campaign was supposed to include a set of classroom lessons but, as far as I know, even though there were 46 pledges for this reward, @bateske never honoured this commitment.

From the campaign:

To encourage the use of Arduboy in classrooms we are offering an education kit reward that includes 10 Arduboys at the same price as our early bird units. But that’s not all we also will provide a printed booket and free online coursework for an entire lesson plan for learning C++ on the Arduboy!


Sorry for this little out of subject but it’s often a problem. We have same discussion with the META and the lessons for education. One good thing on the META is the Academy part on the site and i think you should do same in a part of this forum to organise the tutos even the tutos you can find atm on this forum are already organized with numbers and are really a good start to program on the Arduboy. Academy could organize the successions of tuto and add optionals tutos too or add comments / levels.
Maybe an Academy could be fine too to cut the actual tutos into more little parts who can be find from the start page. This part could support langage too to reach more users and could maybe have an export in PDF options and other informations to help teachers to use this material in classroom


I keep meaning to write a tutorial myself because there are some things about the existing tutorials that I don’t like, but I can never find the time because I’ve always got other projects on the go.

But I’ve got a list of handy resources that I like to link people to:

And a C++ tutorial I recommend:

I got on board the Arduboy train only by accident. I was looking for a great Christmas gift (for myself) and found this as a commercially available product. Kickstarter is a place I have seen a lot of disappointment (so I stopped backing projects).

I entered this conversation to look at the future and provide my students with a source of inspiration.
Can you contribute to a tutorial and/or proofread a tutorial?

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Yes alot of good materials, but the ‘academy’ or other part you could create should have to be managed by only few people and should just organize and make reference to these informations. For example, it’s could refere to how to build your own Arduboy with an ‘official’ tuto to how to do it with links on the better discussions / other versions / etc… and the better thing could to allow some translator to make a version of these official tuto when they can (and if they want, as it’s just an opportunity to reach more users and as it seems you have already a good team of translators)

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I am still very interested in developing, compiling, formalizing, printing, preparing… etc everything to make better the education aspect of Arduboy. Ideally we would sell a book along with the product. Right now the user kind of has to fumble around to find the tutorials section of the forum and yeah, that’s not ideal.

The pickle I’ve been in is that sitting down to create a curriculum obviously takes a lot of time, which actually I think I could organize and block out for myself but then the issue is I’m not an educator, or a writer and never done this before. So really it means partnering with someone, or some people on it. And teachers typically don’t always have extra time either.

I’ve always considered raising some money to try and fund this activity but honestly it only needs such a small amount of money most investors don’t want to mess with it.

I’ve decided to dump the contents of a tutorial I started writing ages ago in case anyone’s interested:

I never got round to developing it any further than that,
and there’s a lot of missing info and half-finished sections.

(May contain rants.)


Yes, i have had a quick read of it. Seems a good start :wink: I think it’s have to be HTMLized to have link and hability to mark some readed as it’s can take time to complete it when all will be completed