Can any of the Arduboy games work on this watch? [Off-Topic]

Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has this watch created by Zak Kemble named the N|Watch? Sorry, I know it’s kind of off topic but was curious because the hardware is similar to the Arduboy. This watch has a usb port but only 3 buttons. Currently, it only has 2 games on it.

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Can you post a link? I mean if it’s running arduino then yeah its likley pretty easy. Seems like the same screen but depends on the chip if it’s directly compatible or not. It would need to run a 32u4 for that, even then some things would need to be changed.

Even if it’s using some other chip entirely, as long as you’re willing to modify some of the code, all of the open source games written in C are very portable between systems.

C++, not C.
The difference is both semantically and syntactically important.

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This is true, we use classes. My point being the codebase is highly portable.

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It uses an ATmega328P. The display has the same resolution and controller as the Arduboy, and uses the SPI inteface, so that makes things easy.

If you started with the ATmega328 compatible version of the Arduboy library that I made, you could probably get some Arduboy games running on it fairly easily.

Its USB interface is only for power and charging, so you would need to program it with an external programmer.

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Being C++ rather than C doesn’t make it less portable than if it were C though. C is only considered more portable because it’s older and more widely available for older systems, pretty much every modern thing has a C++ compiler.

And in this case as the other device is Arduino-based it will use the same C++ compiler, the portability issue comes from the hardware differences, not the language (though there are non-portable techniques in both C and C++, but those are usually endianness related).

I’m not trying to undermine what you said or say the portability thing is wrong, I just think it’s important to recognise there’s more differences between C and C++ than just classes and templates.

We all know, Pharap. We all know.