Can I buy an FX Mod Chip?

I bought an used Arduboy, and wanted to buy the FX Mod Chip from the website - but unfortunately they don’t sell it anymore.
Can anyone help me get my hands on a chip or similar solution anywhere?
I saw some DIY projects, but it’s way beyond my skill level.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not sure if the FX Mod chip is still available anywhere, but you can get an FX unit from Seeed studio.

Unfortunately due to chip shortage the mod chip is discontinued, probably indefinitely or until prevailing conditions change considerably.

It is possible to make your own using these instructions, and you only need the flash chip which is more readily available.

Actually, I might be able to offer mod chips as part of the Arduboy Mini crowd funding, because it would be a one-time order and it’s understood that the lead time could be 6+ months.

Oh, i totally missed that you wrote that you actually might be able to offer them as part of the crowd funding. I really hope that would be possible. :slight_smile:

Where can i follow the subject?


Kevin via Arduboy skrev den 22-09-2022 18:48:


Thanks, i’ll keep that in mind if i can’t find a regular mod chip anywhere.

You can go here to sign up for notifications about the crowd funding, thanks!

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Thanks, signed up!

I’ve ended up with 2x surplus mod-chips…
Anyone in the UK need them? Feel free to private message me :slight_smile:

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