Can I Make games for Arduboy Without the Development Board?

Hey, Im new to the whole Arduino coding scene, im majoring in Comp Sci in College and I figured it would be fun to make some games on this little Arduboy. However, I didnt get the development kit, I only purhcased the normal Arduino. Could I still possibly Make games for it?

$12 Arduboy compatible system

Is it possible to Make games just using computer software, without any other additional system?

Though an Arduboy emulator would certainly be possible, I don’t think there’s anything functional enough yet.
Here are a few previous threads on the subject:
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If you mean you just want to write games for the Arduboy, but not be able to test or run them yourself without a Dev kit, then all you need is the Arduino IDE and the Arduboy library.

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I have run into a wall on 16mhz AVR emulation for Android. As such I am focusing more on wearables which run around 8mhz.

If you follow my project on hackaday you will soon see an update for Android Arduboy support. Your interest inspired me to follow through. It won’t be perfect, but it is something.

I would be interested to see video or get some statistics on how quickly the ArduBreakout example runs on dev hardware. In particular, I would like to know how quickly screen changes happen, press fire screen to high score. Just load the game and press no buttons.

If that happens, then I could estimate how good, or bad your experience would be.

You can determine if this level of emulation is useful.

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As there are currently no alternatives, I decided to make a desktop port using Gtk. I think all of the pieces are there now; avr simulation, screen updates and button input. Still not audio, I am not super interested in supporting that at the moment.

Needs some polish obviously, but at least this version is capable of meeting real world performance.

@blakewford Does this mean you can emulate the arduboy on a computer (linux, windows, Mac) ? Can you upload a video, showing a game ? (a TEAM a.r.g. game would be nice :wink: )

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What is the preferred development system for the community, OS X, Linux, Windows?

Mac Os and sometimes Windows.

Windows 4 me plz :smiley:

It looks like a lot of people are attacking this from different angles, we have a javascript emulator and someone else fork the arduino code to include an emulator there too. We should probably try to put together some place to make this more offical :slight_smile: