Can I program without Arduboy?

So I put my order for the Arduboy FX in, but of course, it is on backorder.

I’ve installed arduino IDE and been looking through some of the tutorials. Given that I’m on Windows 10, is there a path to start programming for the arduboy without an arduboy to run it on for feedback? I think I saw something on potentially using the Windows Subsystem for Linux and installing an emulator there…which not ideal…but maybe…I didn’t get a strong sense of how well that worked. How painful is that process?

Am I just stuck waiting for the device to arrive?

You can easily code for arduboy using the arduino IDE and compile a .hex file and run it on the emulator.

Oh! This is awesome! I was looking around a week or so ago and saw a number of projects that may or may not have worked as an emulator, but I must have missed this one. If I can just test in browser, that sounds great and something for me to work on while arduboy is backordered. Thanks!

Just be aware that the emulator doesn’t support some things:

  • Some of the sound libraries.
  • The RGB LED in analog mode.
  • The USB port for keyboard, mouse, etc. emulation.
  • Maybe more.

Display and button emulation is pretty solid, though.

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That’s great - good enough to do the tutorials and get a feel for it. Most of my ideas are about the graphics anyways.