Can you connect USB devices to Arduboy?

Can you connect and control USB devices like keyboards and mouses on arduboy via the USB port?

No. Arduboy’s Atmega 32u4 MCU has no USB host support.

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You can’t directly connect e.g. a USB keyboard or mouse to the Arduboy, but if you got a chip that was capable of being a USB host and that was programmable you could set it up as a ‘middleman’.

I.e. you make the chip host the keyboard/mouse and give it a program that translates the keystrokes/mouse movements into something it can send over Serial and then send that data to the Arduboy over Serial.

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You cannot connect the a device like a keyboard to the Arduboy, but you can connect the Arduboy to other devices as a keyboard or gamepad or other device. I can play PS3 games using an Arduboy. ×D

Oh, so I cannot control the arduboy with a controller but I can use the arduboy as a controller?

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If yes, that is really cool, I can use it with my phone (as a controller) :slight_smile:

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Yes, you are right! :wink:

Thank you crait. (or Holmes?)

Hahaha! Just “crait” is fine! Holmes is just my legal name.

Implying that ‘crait’ is your illegal name for when you’re doing dodgy deals? :P


nothing suspicious…

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Or you can make wireless controller like the I did

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