Can you make an Xbox controller

So bassicly I’ve been scanning the internet for anything arduino > Xbox but all I could get was Xbox > arduino and all this does is make me confused. So bassicly is there a reverse Arduino > XBOX

You’ve already asked that question

I’m not an Xbox controller expert, but it may not be easy or possible to properly emulate one with an Arduboy. It may require providing specific USB vendor and product IDs instead of the Leonardo ones set by the bootloader.

IIUC, you can use any USB HID device as an XBox controller. So shows you how to do that.

If I’ve not understood what your arrows mean, the article has a link to go the other way as well.

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I wasn’t able to use this )-:
But could you or someone try make a sketch?

the fun part is figuring it out on your own, xbox controller wont work if only for the simple and obvious reason that the xbox has joy sticks the arduboy does not

you could probably make a nes controller though :smiley: (just have to hols a and b for start up and down for select or something like that)

your better off getting an arduino uno some thumb sticks and buttons, you could make a “working” controller for eh $10-20 if you buy knock off components from china

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Maybe not ‘fun’ but it would certainly be more rewarding.
You can simulate the joysticks so it would ‘work’, it just wouldn’t be able to simulate the subtleness that a joystick has. A joystick can indicate how far in a particular direction it has been pressed, but the Arduboy buttons can only be on or off.

You could make it match a Nes controller’s inputs, but sadly those don’t tend to get used with computers very often so it would be a bit pointless.

That’s a much better solution to the problem.
(Except maybe the bit about buying knock-off China parts.)

The biggest flaw with this idea is that XBox controllers have more buttons than the Arduboy. The Arduboy has 6 buttons and most things that use XBox controllers use at least 4-8 buttons (and the left joystick, which isn’t the same as using buttons but indicates 4 directions: +X, -X, +Y and -Y).

long term, cheap china parts arent the way to go, but id rather get a basic test going with the cheap stuff before i invest in the 3x as expensive stuff, but eh im poor :stuck_out_tongue:

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This emulates a joystick

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does this work for other devices than a cpu?

Sure, but only with sound cards and usb host controllers

This would work because the xbox does support usb keyboards. Although, it would only work in situations where you could use the arrow keys to play the game, which, good question. So this would require xbox to usb adapter.

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For what it’s worth, @joonatoona actually already posted a working demo of this a few days ago but somehow it’s been completely ignored and buried near the bottom of the newer forum posts.

(Maybe it’s because it’s been a year since they were last active or because they’ve only ever posted two things.)

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