Can you use a micro usb headphone adapter with the Arduboy?

Can you use a micro usb headphone adapter with the Arduboy? It’d be cool to hear all the bleeps and bloops a bit louder :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how this would even work… Does this work on Android phones and such?

I know that the Arduboy has basic HID support, but not sure what kind of processing it would need to do for standard headphones to work.

maybe this can help


These depend on extending the USB micro connector to the audio circuitry at those times when the USB is not detecting a real USB connection. That capability does not exist on the chip used in the Arduboy.

The audio lines from the chip go only the sounder in the back of the case. If you want to hook up headphones … welcome to the modder club. Grab your screwdriver, soldering iron, spare parts, and go to it.

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If you open up the Arduboy, on the back of the circuit board at the lower right is a solder jumper position marked MAKE LOUD. If you short out the two pads with a blob of solder or something it may affect the volume. I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t say for sure.

@bateske has said he would publish the schematics after all the pre-orders were shipped. Since pre-order shipments are near complete, maybe we’ll get the full schematics soon. This could help to determine the exact function of MAKE LOUD.

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We should start a movement called “Make Arduboy Loud Again”. I better go get my soldering iron!

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I loled!! That was a good one! :joy:
But fun aside, I feel like it would be awesome if you could program a little music player with 8 bit music in it! Like some old Zelda tunes for example!

I actually looked into doing the hardware so that we could support a micro-usb audio adapter like this.

It would have meant using non-standard usb configuration (connecting additional pins to the usb lines), and was too afraid of causing problems with other things.

Also, I updated the schematics fully now:

The “MAKE LOUD” jumper will connect pin 13 to the ceramic electrode on the back side of the double sided piezo electric speaker. It does increase the volume, not quite doubles the volume but something like that. #volumecontrol

tldr; no this headphone adapter won’t work.

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Woohoo - Arduboy ProSound mod!! :grin: :metal: :loudspeaker:

Yeah you solder that thing work it work it