CandyWar - Family friendly trading simulator

Buy and sell candy to earn as much money as possible in 30 days, but watch out for your Mom!


Definitely not a re-theming of another game I made which vanished from the forum. Source code and releases are on my gitea.


HAHAAHA Thank you! hahaha

Fantastic … now I have two games to add to the cart!

You’re using both my font3x5 and font 4x6! Fantastic.

:candy: Cool! Reminds me a Warsim but with candies :lollipop:

I updated the OP with v1.2 which has a few usability improvements, as well as a new 60 day extended game mode, and better scoring system with high scores saved to the EEPROM. Most likely the final version of the game unless I discover bugs.

@filmote I’m still not able to upload to the cart builder because of the MIME type filter, but I used my wife’s computer to upload this and v1.2.0 of the other original version. I also uploaded the more generic images without game menus that I’ve been using on my locally built cart.

OK got 'em. I will update the images and Hex … thanks.

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