Cannot detect my arduboy. Please help

Hi guys,

I installed the software. Connect the arduboy to my com using usb but the software just couldn’t detect the arduboy. pls help

by the way I am using windows 10

Make sure that your board is selected as arduino leonardo and if that doesn’t work then left click the windows icon and go to device manager and see if the arduboy is under one of the ports. If that doesn’t work then use a different usb cord.


I still couldn’t find the arduboy in the port. I changed the usb csble still doesn’t work =(

Windows 10 needs a little extra help installing the driver if I recall. Does the computer make any usb connected noise when you plug in the cable?

Does the green LED in the lower right hand corner ever come on when you plug in the cable?

Nope no green light and no sound either. I tried on my MacBook Pro and the outcome is the same as well

I’m using Windows 8.1 so this may not help you at all… but for me I tried several different USB cables and nothing worked. When I went to “Control Panel” -> “View devices and printers” nothing would show up for Arduboy. When I tried to add a device nothing was found. BTW, these USB cables worked just fine for the equipment they originally came with. I ended up trying the USB cable that came with my Kindle and all of a sudden it just worked (Arduino Leonardo popped up in the devices list). I have no idea why… but maybe there are different types of micro-usb cables.

Thought I’d explain the rest of what I did in case it’s helpful. Once the device showed up in that list when I then went to the Device Manager the Arduino Leonardo showed up with a yellow exclamation point (so it wasn’t working); but at least it saw the device now!

I then went to and used the Windows Installer link to install the software. After installing all of the drivers the Arduion Leonardo was assigned to COM3 (may be different for you but hopefully the yellow exclamation point goes away).

Once this was done I could then install new applications via the Codebender App plugin for Chrome just fine.

Given the number of reports of USB cables that work with data for a phone or other device, but don’t work with an Arduboy, I’m starting to wonder if the USB connector on the Arduboy is slightly out of spec. Perhaps it’s a bit too large, or the contacts don’t reach far enough, or the pins are corroded, or there’s something else that causes a working cable to not make proper contact when plugged in to the Arduboy?