Cannot find Space Rocks anywhere

I’ve seen youtube videos Space Rocks on the Arduboy but cannot find the game code anywhere. Any idea where it might be?


Hey @miker, that one is sort of tough to find, but here you go!

And here is everything on codebender tagged with arduboy

And the Arduboy collection:

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It’s broken (currently) unfortunately for whatever reason the code compiles too large on the atmega 32u4 :frowning:

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I was super excited to see a link to Space Rocks, and some other new games. Thank you for sharing the links! I’ve tried to have a look to see if there is an obvious fix in the sketch but I’m a total novice and have no clue what I’m doing. I don’t suppose any greater programming minds out there have had a look and know how to get these other titles (particularly Space Rocks!) up and running?

If anyone in the community can take a stab at it we encourage it, but if not we will be switching gears to game development once the hardware is shipping! :smile:

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I can’t find any ports/clones of Asteroids anywhere except Tiny Asteroids by @akkera102 which won’t work on the retail arduboy.

Are there any others?

Did Space Rocks ever get fixed for the retail Arduboy?

Any other ports of Asteroids around? Such a classic, really need this game and I can’t find it for the Arduboy. Anyone?

I think someone did get this working but I’m not sure it got posted here.

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I can’t find it anywhere. Either my google-fu is bad or it’s under a different name?

Is there a working clone of Ardusteroids anywhere at all?