Cannot 'transfer' games using Arduboy Manager

All I get is a grey’d out transfer button. Any ideas?

I can upload using the IDE, and even managed to use the web editor.

Any suggestions @crait?

it dosent work for me either, out of curiosity what os are you running?

I listed a few troubleshooting questions. Did you test all of them? Also, which OS are you using? Using any USB hubs? Did you try any other USB ports? Is your Arduboy turned on?

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting techniques you’ve described. Nothing is working. I am using Windows 10 Pro.

It does seem to work with my Surface Pro 3. But, it won’t complete a transfer.

Are you trying it on another computer? I think most people that have complained about connection issues were using Surface Pro devices. I think their USB ports are dooky or something.

I modded Arduboy Manager to take the first port available because I was unable to transfer games too, maybe it works for you too:

It won’t allow me to download, I get a pink screen…‘Sorry, for security
reasons, blah blah…’

Arduboy Manager2.zip_rename_to_zip.pdf (619.1 KB)

There? (rename to zip)

MS reports this as a virus.

Sure, because it is a exe inside a zip renamed as pdf :stuck_out_tongue: typical phishing scam.

I just removed the checking routine from the exe:

You can edit the original Arduboy Manager exe to get the same effect.