Cant upload new game from phone :(

So recently ive been out of house and i havent had my pc to transfer games to my arduboy i found out about arduboy utility and its been really usefull so far. unfortunately now games wont upload using my phone. Ive tried flashlight mode and using the reset button but neither worked. So i was just wondering if im going to have to wait another couple of weeks to change the game from my pc, or if theres anything i can do from my phone

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Btw the game on my arduboy rn is kong idk if it matters but there it is

I’ve had issues with the phone once in a while, but I use it almost exclusively.
1: Plug the arduboy into the phone.
2: While holding the DOWN button turn on the Arduboy
3: While still holding down press the “Execute” button in ArbyUtility (might be different if using a different tool but will still work).
4: it might fail on the first try bit just keep running the execute while holding DOWN on the Arduboy.

This has worked for everygame I’ve uploaded including Kong.

Note: Sometime you have to try the upload a couple times because the phone isn’t as responsive as a PC as a USB host. This causes it to notify the bootloader to reset but miss the mark when starting it to upload. By holding the DOWN button you’re putting the Arduboy in a tighter loop allowing the phone a better chance to latch onto it.

Thank you so much it worked :pray::pray::pray::pray: