Can't wait for my Arduboy to arrive! :))

Just to help everyone, including myself, to have a little better idea of when we’ll receive our Arduboy, would you guys mind commenting your backer number if you’ve received yours recently? Not saying that it will be 100% precise, but hey why not? Thanks!!

I know this doesn’t help because I didn’t receive mine recently, but I was backer 4,796 and I received mine on the 20th of February.

Early Bird and Developers shipped first regardless of backer number.

We are doing full scale production now, and probably the time in post will be greater than the first and last units that get shipped out… From the first finished unit to the final one should only bee a week or two.

We will be starting to ship next week, waiting for everyone to get their shipping info updated… slow backers… then we pull the trigger. Should be done in a couple weeks, which feels crazy to say!

Everyone should get theirs in the beginning of May!

wohoooooo cant wait for it :smiley:

I just want to thank everyone who is waiting so patiently to receive their Arduboy! I know we are way behind our original estimated ship date but everyone has been really awesome about waiting!

We just ran into an unfortunate someone who decided to resort to profanities and name calling on twitter and just so everyone knows, this is more well than enough to get an instant refund if you’re wanting one.

99.9999% of everyone has been amazing. Even the few people who have requested refunds on kickstarter did so politely and we are happy to handle that professionally.

It’s amazing to see people vocal about waiting, because it means we’ve made something that is desirable, and that’s great! To those of you who have said and provided positive feedback to me despite the wait, you’re literally the reason I drag my ass out of bed every morning and keep this train on it’s tracks.

Thank you again so much to everyone, just a few more weeks and the kickstarter will be completed!


I received mine today and it’s awesome. Haven’t yet had the time to test any other games than the default (I’m busy with my studies), but the best is that the build quality seems absolutely great. The buttons don’t seem to rattle at all and they feel great. I hope that the plastic and the back cover won’t scratch easily so it will look great in the future too.

I kind of like that there is no labelling on the buttons, but at the same time that makes it a bit harder to name them in instructions. Well, apart from arrows there are only two buttons so 1/2 chance to get it right, not bad. :wink: Anyway, I think I must start making a game soon.:smiley: Well, actually just a port of a game is what I have in mind at the moment.


So the Early Birds have all shipped? I was backer number 960, and still haven’t received any notification or anything… :worried:

Early Bird is people who pledged for the $29 reward, not your backer number. If you have a question you can private message me or contact me on kickstarter with your information and I can figure it out for you.

The Left button is A and the Right button is B, it is “kind of” labeled, because these letters of ARDUBOY match up to the buttons. There is another ancient thread in the forum talking about it. It was heavily debated. :slight_smile:

Sorry, let me rephrase that - I was backer number 960, I pledged $29 for the Early Bird reward, and still haven’t received any notification or anything… have the Early Birds all shipped?

Thanks for assuming my stupidity though. :cry:

Help me help you! Send me a PM with your info! I haven’t memorized everyones info, I want to make sure you get your arduboy but I can’t do it publicly because it needs your private info! I’m not assuming anything, just stating facts! (You would be surprised at how many people are confused if they are early bird or not)

Yes all the early birds have shipped, if you are in the US and didn’t get yours then please yes do PM me. You should have received an email with your tracking number, if you PM me your email I can double check that. It seems a lot of people didn’t get this email sent out. We have been trying very hard to figure out how to send thousands of emails at a time and not get blocked by spam and apparently it’s not going well.

If you are located international, then you should possibly see your early bird Arduboy arrive any day now. Still feel free to PM me.

Sorry if I ruffled any feathers, everyone is very anxious to get their Arduboy, I understand. But please remember, if you reach out to me publicly, I can’t help you with your private business!


If you are a kickstarter backer and are having any problems, it’s best to message me directly on kickstarter!

How many preorders are there? I’m sure I’m one of the last…