Capybara. Capybara!?

Sometimes when I’m bored I dig around the moderator tools to see what mysterious features there are.
Yesterday I found the ‘Search Logs’ which tracks some of the most commonly searched phrases.

Among the list was the phrase ‘capybara’.
As far as I’m aware, there is not and never has been a search result for the word ‘capybara’.
(Until now at least.)

And yet the search logs say it’s a popular search term.

It makes no sense whatsoever.


Get that monkey off my back!

Suspect this is more like it:


I’d say it’s probably search bots.

Curious about the other spikes. Are they Arduboy related?

Seems reasonable if one of the actions it performs is to test the search box by searching ‘capybara’.

Which other spikes?

That’s a graph of searches for ‘capybara’ using the search box on the forums here.

Never mind. I thought there where more then one search word in the diagram. I was curious about the top search results.

The top 5 searches (of all time) are:

  1. arduventure
  2. tetris
  3. pokemon
  4. mario
  5. Arduventure

Clearly that a lot of people are not aware of the bam hammer from TTC.
But thinking twice, that may be the Microcard thing.
Then someone says:

I bet Bateske have Microcard in his car for scraping ice

Yes, Mario is VERY popular, but I don’t like it, oddly.

Where can I get Arduventure?

Like any good game, from the author’s Github page:

Close. Arduino Retro Gaming.


I like stats… Give us more!!

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What sort of stats?

Also, you’re a moderator, you can already read all the stats :P

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I have solved the great Capybara mystery!

I won’t spoil the surprise, (partly because I completed the tutorial so quickly that the edit is irrecoverable), but the discobot tutorial is pretty cool.
If you want to know the secret of the capybara, start a PM with discobot and tell it to @discobot start new user

(This also solved the mystery of why discobot was involved in handling so many moderator flags.)

P.S. Beware of falling coconuts.

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