Cascade Path: Wagon Train

(Tim Evans) #21

I come from Saint Paul MN so Oregon Trail is very near and dear to my heart. This is a lovely tribute.

(Tim Evans) #22

KS Arduboy here. 1.0.

I got to the blue mountains before it started showing graphical glitches. by the dalles it crashed.

(Gabe) #23

Yeah I’m finding the same thing. Maybe unfinished or a bug? It was only recently uploaded, but a fix would be great :slight_smile:

(Ross) #24

These are open source of course, it would be cool to see users fork this. Don’t be bashful about using the #arduboy:games section on here to post you altered versions and forks. Otherwise I’m sure the game authors would love seeing some altered versions in the replies to their original topics.

@chris? Let’s see if they respond :smiley: @chris is the actual author of this game, I just don’t know if they are so active yet on these forums. Let’s see if we can arouse a sleeping dragon though.

(Chris) #25

Hi folks. The game is definitely unfinished. The crash out after the toll road landmark makes sense because there are no more locations afterward so it starts looking at random data for the next stop. The glitches that start at the Blue Mountains I didn’t know about, I probably broke something trying to shrink things up because I was running out of space. I’ll be giving this sketch some attention soon. I’ve been focusing on fixing up Squario but I should be letting it sit for a little after today.

(Ross) #26

Hey @chris, feel free to edit your post topic, or even open a topic in the #classifieds:help-wanted category to maybe try and get some of the specific tasks pushed to your Github repository.

There might even be someone from the community that would be interested in being a collaborator on the project and help keep the game up to date with the most recent changes from other users.

Anyway, thanks for getting back to all of us! The update helps a ton :100:!

(Jonathan Keefer) #29

This game was the entire reason I even purchased an Arduboy. I hope Chris, or any other coders can get this finished and functional soon!!!

(Kevin) #30

I really love this game too. If anyone wants to take over from here we would certainly support it right now its about as far back on the back burner until we get the website updated.

It’s basically out of memory is a bit of the issue, we have more space since the recent version of arduino and also we haven’t implemented any compression either. The compression would help a lot since most of the data is images or text.

When we can get around to the next Arduboy that will have more memory it’s something that could easily be done, so maybe then.

(Cody) #31

Oils you maybe post a video?

(Jonathan Keefer) #32

Bump! Hoping this game can get some progress!

(Kevin) #33

This is a really good game. I’m from Oregon so we grew up with this game a ton. I would love to see more added to it. It doesn’t use any compression tricks so I would assume it could be massively improved. It’s so close to being something really great!

We will see how the current contest goes and maybe this could be eligible in the future…

(curly) #34

soooooooooooooo if this uses a custom version of the arduboy library… where do i get that library?

i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy wana play this game

(Scott) #35

@curly, You really should look into getting those sticky vowel keys fixed on your keyboard! :wink:

(curly) #36

@MLXXXp that was deliberate to imply antsy ness

(Kevin) #37

I’ll try to put some time into fixing this in the near future. This would be an excellent candidate for using compression and stuffing a lot more content in. But that’s gonna need to be someone else because I wouldn’t have the time for all that… maybe. Someday.

(curly) #38

i cant get it to play at all, the screen just scrolls around unreadably some times posting the same thing in 4 places, ive played oregon trail enough to ALMOST know whats going on

note that every other game ive tried works just fine, you mentioned it uses a modified library, but where can i get that library

(Kevin) #39

I don’t think it actually does, that is just discussion from early on? If it works then it works, but I think there are bugs still.

(Scott) #40

This game uses it own customised version of the Arduboy library. Unfortunately, the library version it’s based on contains the problem that started appearing with Arduino version 1.16.10.

The best solution would be to port Cascade Path to the Arduboy2 library.

As a quick fix, if you know what you’re doing you could replace the paintScreen() function in the local library (in file core.cpp) with the one from the Arduboy2 library.

(curly) #41

i DONT know what im doing, but i think i can figure it out

@MLXXXp so replace this

void ArduboyCore::paintScreen(const unsigned char *image)
with this?
void Arduboy2Core::paintScreen ( uint8_t image[], bool clear = false )

(Scott) #42


Sorry, my mistake. I forgot that the Arduboy2 paintScreen() function has an extra parameter added, so it’s not compatible. Use the one from the Arduboy library V1.1.1

Replace the contents the function in the local file core.cpp:
void ArduboyCore::paintScreen(unsigned char image[])

with the contents of the identical function in the Arduboy library file core.cpp:
void ArduboyCore::paintScreen(unsigned char image[])