Cascade Path: Wagon Train

(curly) #43

im assuming


are the files that contain the modified library?

i want to look at the code long enough to figure out what its doing than compare it to the arduboy2 library and try my darndest to port it, might be a good way for me to learn something

(Scott) #44

If you want to do the quick fix, then you only need to modify core.cpp, by substituting paintScreen() code from the the Arduboy library.

If you want to port the game to use the Arduboy2 library, you would delete the local files: ArduboyLowMem.h, ArduboyLowMem.cpp, core.h, core.cpp and glcdfont.c. You would then follow the instructions in the Migrating a sketch from Arduboy library V1.1 to Arduboy2 section of the Arduboy2 library documentation main page, but where it refers to the Arduboy library and class, substitute ArduboyLowMem.

(curly) #45

the quick fix didnt work im a bit cranky now (boss related) so ill play with it more later

ok got the quickfix to compile but i did the exact same thing as before doing the quick fix, so now ill try to port

(Scott) #46

Are you sure you replaced the right paintScreen() function (there are two of them).

The quick fix works fine for me.

(curly) #47

went ahead and forked it over so you can see exactly what im doing,

(Scott) #48

You changed the wrong function, and you didn’t actually replace any code.

You have to change the entire function code for:
void ArduboyCore::paintScreen(unsigned char image[])
from line 228 to line 244, with the code from the latest Arduboy library core.cpp line 228 to line 250.

(curly) #49

you are awesome, im shure my constant dumb questions drive you nuts but you always help me anyway, thank you

if you dont by oxen you dont move :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vaughan Stephenson) #50

Hello, I’m very new to Arduboy, trying to upload my first few games. When I upload Cascade Path onto my Arduboy, the screen is always scrambled and scrolling. Can someone point me towards a fix?

(Kevin) #51

I’ll have to take a look at this, Cascade Path was made a long time ago and it may not be compatible with current libraries.

It was actually never fully finished. It’s something that I’ve wanted to pick back up for a long time but, yeah if I wasn’t running the show I’d be making the games.

Probably better to pick another game unfortunately. :frowning:

(Scott R) #52

You can find a pre compiled hex Here