Case For Developer Kit?

Hello i was wondering if anyone had made or is in the process of making a case for the developer kit version of the Arduboy because it suits my needs of a the Arduboy with a smaller price but i still would like to take it around with me while it is in my pocket but as it doesn’t have a case i am worried it might get damaged, so i’m wondering if anyone has made a 3D printed case for the dev kit.

Also as a suggestion

possibly the design of the older case design of the Arduboy might be a place to start in terms of its design.
as for why i don’t do it…i have no clue about what i would be doing.
so yeh thanks in advance.

A proper case would be great! In the meantime I’ve just been using a business card holder. This one works nicely and has felt lining. I usually store the Arduboy and a bunch of spare battery cells in it - separated by some actual business cards :smile:

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Fantastic. Just got my Dev Kit today, Gonna hafta order one of these

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Well guys, I have finished. is my Dev Kit 3d Printable case I spent the weekend making and fitting perfectly.
I’ll be making revisions with styles and cosmic changes later on, but wanted to get my basic Model out there.

Enjoy :smile:


How do I order a dev kit?

If I remember correctly, dev kits are no longer being sold and are definitely not being produced anymore.

Ok thx I will keep it in mind