Casio Game - Rabbit Farm

Hi there!

This is my first time posting here, so I tried the “general” forum to lessen the chance of getting it wrong.

There’s this old handheld game named Rabbit Farm (Casio Game CG 130A, for reference), and I’d like to know if I could get any help on making a clone of this game for Arduboy.
It is important to say that I have some knowledge on programming (mostly c++), but I have no experience with Arduboy (specially sprites, bg, graphics stuff… and sound).

Thank you!

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I changed this topic to the Help & Information category.

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When you say ‘help’, are you looking for:

  • Advice as to how to go about implementing said game?
  • Resources that could help you learn about e.g. drawing sprites with Arduboy2?
  • Someone to team up with?

Hi Pharap.

I’d like to get some advice and resources so I could (try to) start developing before teaming up with someone.

The game original game has:

  • a defined quantity of enemy spawn points where the enemies can randomly appear (with random trajectory)
  • a moving target (random trajectory) witch you should protect.
  • the player, wich can attack the enemy when it gets close enough
  • a increasing difficult level (ever 100 points or so it beeps, shows the level number and gets harder and faster)

To make it more clear, here is a video of the original game to help understanding.

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The Help & Information - Arduboy category is full of lots of useful threads about various things.

There’s a few tutorials over in Lessons - Arduboy that may be useful depending on how much C++ you already know.

The focumentation for the Arduboy2 library can be found here:

The most important classes to note are Arduboy2, which handles things like booting the system, limiting the frame rate and updating the screen, and Sprites which has various different ways to draw sprites.

You may also find the old magazines useful.

Those aside, the vast majority of games provide source code, so you can read the code to find out what a game is actually doing.

If you have a specific problem, you can always ask about it, and as long as you are clear about the issue and provide enough information then someone will no doubt provide the information you need (or otherwise ask for clarification).

You’ll certainly need to know about:

So you’ll probably need an image converter and to have a read of threads like this and this.

You may need to know about:

So you may want to read threads like this one and this one.


Thank you very much for your help and the time you spent looking for all these information!

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