CastleBoy - Castlevania demake!

(Joel Lauener) #1

In November we (me and Increment) started what seemed to be a small project: Making a Castlvania demake for the Arduboy. 3 months and 138 commits later we are happy to present you our little game we crafted with love. Hopefully you will have as much fun playing it as we had making it!

The game is available on GitHub:

There is also a .arduboy file for the game: castleboy_1_0.arduboy

I will try to make a .arduboy package soonish.

Here are some preview video that have been posted in the development thread (SPOILER ALERT)

おすすめゲーム 2017年05月
(Mike McRoberts) #2

Looks good. I’ll wait till you have the .arduboy file before trying it out.

(Nicolas Mougin) #3

Played it a lot today, totally awesome! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Only “fun” part is when you are on a moving platform your character doesn’t move, seems strange, other than that the game physics are those of a professional game! Congrats :wink:

How many stages are there? I can’t go past stage 2 level 3, too hard for me lol

[edit] also, a pause option would be neat (e.g. pressing L+R at the same time)

(GDM) #4

dear lord, this is truly amazing!

(Nicolas Mougin) #5

…and here goes my week-end playing CastleBoy :sweat_smile: my 1 yo son just threw my Arduboy in the toilet and it was switched on :disappointed_relieved:
gonna try the old “pcb in a rice bowl” recipe now…

(Celine) #6

Hope it has as much success as the washed Arduboy:

Let us know what happens after a few days! :octopus:


There are three stages total. I still have not beat the last boss with this build of the game :sweat_smile: and sorry to hear about your arduboy, hope you can get it running again.

Also I am really glad to hear people are liking the game so far :grin:

(Joel Lauener) #9

Yeah the moving platforms are a bit strange as of now. Still in my TODO list :wink:

(Jérôme (Initgraph)) #10

Really great job, congratulation !

(Mike McRoberts) #11

Very nicely made game with great graphics. It gets really tricky after a while too. Well done.

(Nich Angell) #12

Oh man, this is brilliant! I just got Breath of the Wild and I can’t put this down!

(ScrumpyJack) #13

is there a .arduboy of this game?

(Tom Sparrow) #14

Looks great, all ready for a good play at work tomorrow :wink:

(Joel Lauener) #15

It’s coming soon! Was supposed to do it 2 weeks ago but went a bit under the table due to other priorities.

(Phil Graham) #16

It’s a good game. It’s inspired me to get some Castlevania games to play as well.

(Joel Lauener) #17

Added the arduboy file link in the OP :slight_smile:

However I didn’t managed to test it so I don’t know for sure if it works. ArduboyManager failed to load my file. I’m running Windows. Basically it said banner.png was not found. I looked in the path reported by the manager and it was empty. @crait maybe you know what’s the problem? I can provide you more details tonight if needed.

(Scott) #18

You’ve put all the files in folder castleboy_1_0 within the .arduboy file. All files should be in the root of the .arduboy file. There should be no folders.

EDIT: Also, your info.json file is invalid. It’s missing a comma after the closing brace on line 22, and there’s an extra comma after the closing brace on line 59.

It’s always a good idea to validate info.json. You can use the Arduboy customised JSON Schema Lint to do this and if you have trouble with it validating you can first try JSONLint.

(Alan Thye) #19

why lik this, pls help…

“C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847/CastleBoy.ino.elf” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\Arglib.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\CastleBoy.ino.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\entity.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\game.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\global.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\map.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\menu.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\sketch\player.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847\libraries\SPI\SPI.cpp.o” “C:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847/core\core.a” “-LC:\DOCUME~1\Alan\LOCALS~1\Temp\arduino_build_117847” -lm
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 5 exit status

Using library SPI at version 1.0 in folder: C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\libraries\SPI
Using library EEPROM at version 2.0 in folder: C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\libraries\EEPROM
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Leonardo.

(Joel Lauener) #20

Thanks a lot Scott! Fixed the file and now it works perfectly :slight_smile:

(Joel Lauener) #21

This looks like a linking error. Doesn’t seem to be related to CastleBoy but to your environment. Do you have issue linking other games? We developped CastleBoy with version 1.6.13 of the Arduino IDE.

Otherwise you can also grab the .arduboy file and load it using the Arduboy Manager.