CastleBoy - Castlevania demake!

Someone can explain me how install the game ? :confused:

Have you read the Quick Start Guide?

Ooops didn’t see it… Thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t reset my arduboy… and how can I use the .ardboy file ? I haven’t found any advices

Search is your friend.

Search for ‘bricked’ and you will find a few articles in this forum. You are aware there is a reset button on the bottom of the unit?

What exactly do you mean by ‘reset’?

I believe the game is zipped inside the .arduboy.

If you’re just trying to play games and aren’t concerned with writing games, you should perhaps try @crait’s Arduboy Manager, details of which can be found here:

For future reference though, that quickstart guide was for if you were trying to compile and load the games via the Arduino IDE using their source code.

The source code for games is usually found on Github, for example:

You then open the main .ino file in the Arduino IDE (assuming you have fully installed it properly) and use the upload button mentioned in the quickstart guide to upload it to your Arduboy.

Not everyone publishes their games in the .arduboy format, some rely on people to be able to compile and upload games through the Arduino IDE, but for those that do use .arduboy, programs like Crait’s Arduboy Manager are the best approach.

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It’s work !!! Thanks you very very much ! I finally can play with my arduboy in the train !!!


This is great. Very well made!

I am new to games and only have taken basic programming courses. Is there a way to make a template from your code?? That would be great…

I’ve tried briefing through it and like how everything is broken apart to it’s own variable. It seems useful but since I’m not sure how a game looks it would be useful to see a template of sorts to show the bigger picture!

What do you mean by ‘a template’ exactly?

Well, how the code is organized. What did you start with first, the images and movement or the collision logic. I want to follow your pattern/style but get a little lost…

Wow I’m quite amazed to see so many replies on the CastleBoy thread!

@Treflip I always start with basic movement and collision. Just a square moving around and a basic map. Then add rendering, enemies, bullets. Speaking about the architecture the main components are:

  • player (player.cpp): Handles player movement, actions (e.g. attack, duck, …) and animations.
  • map (map.cpp): Handles map collision and rendering.
  • entity (entity.cpp): Enemies and projectiles are represented as an entity (you can google Entity System).

To be honest I’m not sure Arduboy is the best platform to learn game programming. Lot of CastleBoy code is about optimization… If you want to learn using in a low level environment I recommand you to check Pico-8.


Pico-8 looks great. Thanks for the reference!

Looks good,Thanks for the reference!

One of the best game for arduboy.


CastleBoy is now featured prominently on the Arduboy homepage!



Wow thanks a lot for that Kevin!

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You deserve it, this game is awesome. When I check the code you even manage to put a cheat line which make this game was look like it was made for the real NES/gameboy. Congrats


I have to agree! I’ve played through it several times now! Excellent work and thanks for such an awesome contribution!


Just beat the game! Awesome game! This (along with Circuit Dude) is one of my two favorite Arduboy games. A challenging game that requires practice and was rewarding to beat.

It took me a while to figure out that pushing UP throws a knife (once you collect some).




Is it possible to save a game in progress ?

Best regards