CatMines - A minesweeper clone for the Arduboy

Hey everyone!

After a bit of procrastination, I finally finished my first complete Arduboy game. It’s pretty simplistic, but it really took me through the ropes of programming on an embedded system lol.

The game is called Catmines, and as you could probably tell, it’s a Minesweeper clone. The objective is to successfully mark all the mines (or cats) on the grid in the shortest amount of time possible. If you accidentally reveal a mine, the game ends. The game has three different difficulty levels, each with a different number of mines on the grid. Once you have won or lost, your time will be shown.

Control the cursor using the arrow keys, A reveals a cell on the grid, while B marks one.
If you incorrectly marked a cell, you can unmark it by pressing B again.
Once the game has ended, press A to return to the title screen.

Update: I’ve uploaded the game to if anyone is interested

CatMines_v1.hex (40.5 KB)

Thanks for taking a look, any feedback is appreciated!


Nicely done! I love a good minesweeper game.

Are you planning on sharing the code?

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Wow. Really love this! Really nice to play, simple to pickup, and fun graphical twist! Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:


Great game! Very clean and fun to play.

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I like it, and think it’s a nice implementation. From some testing, it looks like you don’t suffer from instant death on first click like some versions. Here’s my feedback:

  1. The cat theme only plays a part if you lose. It might be fun to see a cat face in the win dialog so you still get some feline goodness.

  2. I’d like a shortcut, like holding the A button while over a number, to mark/clear all the mines if everything can be determined. This is similar to the way Windows Minesweeper would handle the middle click. For example if you’re on a “1” and there’s one “X” marked, this would act like a click on each square around the cursor.


This would be good for the ‘Easy’ mode… I kinda like marking them! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! I actually wasn’t aware of that feature in minesweeper, but it would definitely be useful.

I wasn’t planning to, but I uploaded it to pastebin if you want to take a look!


I have made my own minesweeper on another platform so I am comfortable with the concepts. I think though that these sorts of games can teach other people new concepts - such as queues and stacks.


Yay- thanks! Would you consider adding to an online repository like GitHub? It’s a great way to let others interact with your code. It’s also a convenient way to add a License, etc.