Central ArduBoy Repository?

Why is there no central location to find all of the ArduBoy games? Finding games is a bit of a chore, you can find a small selection (for those who have allowed him to add them) in the ArduBoy Manager, there are a few more on the TeamARG website (god only knows why they won’t allow them to be added to the ArduBoy Manager as the code is readily available), the rest you have to trawl through the Games section of the forum to find them. If the ArduBoy Manager could have ALL games that would be fantastic. However, the problem with that is it is Windows only so I can’t use it on my OSX or Linux machines (and people with no Windows OS are f*****d).

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I’ve often wondered the same.

You have games on the Team A.R.G. website with their own repository, then you have Arduboy manager, and also the individual games in games section on this forum.

Why isn’t there a central place to download all games?

something like games.arduboy.com would be ideal :slight_smile:

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Team A.R.G. does allow their games to be added to the Arduboy Manager. They’ve licensed all their games and demos under the MIT license, which states:

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: […]

If Team A.R.G. didn’t want their games available in the Arduboy Manager, and any other places, then they should have chosen a different license.

The only issue is that in order to meet the terms of the MIT license, the license copyright notice, permission notice and disclaimer text must be included somewhere in the distribution (which is the .arduboy file). I’m trying to get consensus to have a LICENSE.txt file be allowed in a .arduboy file for this purpose, but I’m still waiting for responses from @mwm and @delegatevoid.

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The authors of Arduboy sketches all have their own preferences as to where they want to keep the master copies of their code. Many choose GitHub but there are numerous other locations.

You wouldn’t be able to force people to put their code on one specific site. However, an official site with links to where sketches can be downloaded would be a good thing to have. The Games List on this forum was an attempt to provide this but it’s difficult to edit and maintain. Actually, since this forum has changed hosts, the list is no longer editable as a wiki, for some reason.

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I didn’t realize you were waiting on a reply from me. The last proposal I saw was that it wouldn’t involve changing the schema, just adding a file. Since I haven’t found time to update my web software yet, I’ll probably add support for adding arbitrary files to .arduboy files since it seems like a good idea in either case. Of course, any site that lets you download just the hex file is technically in violation of the license, but I don’t see any way to avoid that.

One last note: while a license may allow you to do something, doing so against the wishes of the author isn’t good for the community. I don’t know if that applies in this case, but it’s an issue I’ve dealt with in the past.

Again, the author has expressed their wishes by choosing a license that allows it. If the license is against their wishes, then a different license should have been used (even if that means writing or modifying one themselves).

Agreed, but the Arduboy is meant to be an educational game platform, not just another pocket game device like the many others out there. We can only learn from each other by having fully available open source code. Nobody is charging for Arduboy games and nobody would pay for them anyway so only providing HEX files would be totally against the spirit of the platform.

Thankfully, nobody has gone down that route yet as far as I can see.

Which is exactly how the author might respond, giving us a much less permissive license. This is why it isn’t good for the community. Someone has taken the time to create something and then generously given it to the community. If you ignore their wishes - even if they differ from the chosen license - it will almost certainly cause them to reconsider doing so in the future.

That doesn’t mean you should always let the authors wishes trump the license, and I’ve ignored explicit requests from an author to not distribute GPL’d software before. But that was only after due consideration led me to believe that that was what was best for the community.

If we decide that having a single central repository trumps the authors wishes, then future releases (if any) may not allow such distribution, sort of defeating the point.

Again, I’m not speaking for TeamARG, and have no idea what they want. I’m just in favor of respecting creators wishes in general.

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At first, the forum was pretty much the main place people posted about their games. CodeBender, from what I understand, and GitHub were supposed to host a lot of sketches. There’s also a few games that have been exclusively released on Twitter.

CodeBender is now down and more people than ever have Arduboys, thanks to the success of Kevin’s Kickstarter. Those two things combined means that people have less incentive to find out where to release their games online and more incentive to release them on their personal blogs or social media accounts. The reason why I created my Arduboy Manager repo was because I saw the need to have a centralized location for all the games.

When you say there should be a ‘central Arduboy repository,’ what I think you’re saying is that you want an officially-affiliated Arduboy repository/game library that’s online where people can go to. Similar to @pixelplatforms’s idea of a subdomain just for games, I’ve suggested a few solutions in the past that are similar… I think it would be great, but nothing can be done short-term. In the long-term, however, I know Kevin has expressed a desire to create something like this, but creating an FAQ and landing pages and better Arduboy presence online, in general, are more important since what we have at the moment (for the most part) works.

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I think simply making your Arduboy manager cross-platform and putting ALL of the games in there would solve all of the problems.

I only put games on there if I have permission to do so. As for cross-platform… I am trying my best to accomplish this. Unfortunately, I lost access to the Mac I was using for macOS development, which isn’t too terrible since I was wanting to re-write much of the code to support the updated .arduboy standard.

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I would pay for Tetris or a clone of it. I know they’re bringing out a dedicated Tetris microcard, and Tetris is only licenced for use with Tetris microcard.

Could it not be licensed for the Arduboy too?

Hello everyone! The “central” repository right now is the games section in the forum.

@crait and @JO3RI also have repositories for their uploaders now that are compatible with the new .arduboy file format.

Because of the nature of open source we let users host their own code however they like.

In the future we are working on making an online repository and web-flashing tool so that you can come to the website, plug in your Arduboy, and then download a new game with one click. Just now getting our head above the water setting up the new server this year to begin to handle that.

We envision the website to have a new section, an Arduboy Arcade that would exist along side the community forum where users download games directly form there. The problem with this, is that games will have to be submitted for approval. Right now, because people host their own games, you’re free to upload whatever you like into the forum and we plan to keep it that way.

With the new system, when we host the repository and the code on our servers we will have to make sure there aren’t any intellectual property issues or otherwise.

So stay tuned for that!


That sounds very promising and I look forward to it. Thanks Kevin.

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