Certain Games Stopped Working on DIY Arduboy

My son and I made a DIY Arduboy using an Arduino Leonardo. It was working well and we were able to upload games using Arduino IDE. All of a sudden certain games stopped working. I’m able to upload and run example sketches from the Arduboy folder (ArduBreakout, Hello World) but not from the Arduboy2 folder. Ardubreakout from the Arduboy2 folder used to work but now we just get a black screen. Also, Mystic Balloon used to work but now we just get some random pixels lit up near the bottom of the screen. Catacombs of the Damned still works perfectly though. We don’t get any compiling or uploading error messages from Arduino IDE.

I checked through the forums and couldn’t find anyone else with this issue. I’m pretty new to Arduino and I don’t have much experience with coding. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what I could try. My son was having a blast with playing the games until we hit this stumbling block.


Are you using the Homemade package? if so check if there’s an Arduboy2 folder in your sketchbook libraries folder and delete it.

If not try reinstalling the Arduboy2 library.

On the hardware side , check if the DC, CS and RST wires of the display are still are ok.

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I wasn’t using the homemade package but I just installed it and deleted the libraries from my library folder. Same issue. I took your advice and tried checking the display wires and noticed that when I unplugged the CS wire and left nothing plugged in there, the display started working! I guess I either had things wired up wrong or I’m using the wrong kind of display.

This is the display I’m using: 0.96" OLED Graphic LCD (128x64px) - Creatron Inc

The guy at the store said it works as 12C or SPI depending on how it’s hooked up.

Not sure why it was working before then stopped but either way I’m very happy to have the device working again!

Thanks again for your help!



ok then you’ve wired your DIY Arduboy up using the standard wiring. In that case CS should be connected to GND.

Good to hear that but with an unconnected CS pin, you may expect odd behaviour. It is recommended to connect the CS pin to GND

looking at that link, it seems you can use I2C by changing the R1 to R4 resistor configuration but is configured by default for 4 wire SPI as used by Arduboy.

Ok, perfect thanks. I had CS going to pin 13 on the Leonardo based on some instructions I found online. But I’ve connected it to ground now.

Thanks again!

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Sorry, I read over the part where you said you used a Leonardo.

In that case it should be connected to pin 12.