Challenge: Maximum Pixel-art, Minimum Code

@sparr - I struggled to get the code to run for some reason- but glad I persisted! This is wonderful stuff! I like watching it slowly develop with a.setFrameRate = 1;. It’s great you provided such readable code- really helped. I golfed your code a little, to get it down to 361(!) characters. Perhaps a collaboration with @Mr.Blinky and @FManga could get that lower?..


Thanks again for sharing this!

PS - Welcome to the forum ~ what a great first post! :partying_face:

I think we’ve reached peak ‘Checkers’! :checkered_flag:

It’s interesting that while @Mr.Blinky’s 7 characters (-i%2^85) is 3 characters smaller than @Pharap’s original (i&1?85:170), the compiled code is 102 bytes more! (14 → 116 bytes). I presume this is the use of modulus function?..

Of course, it highlights the issue of golfing a compiled languages, rather than interpreted languages :slight_smile:

Further inspiration:

  • Hitomezashi Stitch Patterns.
  • Images ‘hidden’ in the digits of pi.
  • Drawing larger images- rather than repeating patterns. E.g. a screen-filling shape like a star or circle would be fun.
  • Pokemon-style screen wipes could be useful.

Thank you everyone for such great entries.

A classic woven pattern- ‘Houndstooth’.


I’m collating nice 8x8px fill patterns at :slight_smile:

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