Change the screen

I just received my Arduboy a few days ago, but I put it in my pocket and when I wanted to use I discovered that the screen is broken. Have you some idea how to change it ? Is there some spare parts ??

I can’t give you an official word, but if I were you, I would start planning for a replacement Arduboy.

The cost of the part in single quantities, plus the cost of shipping, means that just getting the display to you – from any source – will already come to a significant part of the cost of a whole Arduboy. I would estimate about 25% minimum.

After that, there is the difficulty of unsoldering the existing display and soldering in the new one. Judging by the effort a few people described for the LED problem, this will not be easy at all - and not only is it not easy, but it carries a substantial risk of permanently damaging parts. Very few customers have the tools and skillset, and even fewer would think it worth the risk. Even further - that means there is little value in providing a customer spare part market.

I would expect that anyone with the skills and readiness would already know where to source the part.

Finally, for those reading this and thinking “How do I avoid this problem in the future?”, I have found that some business card cases and some credit card cases are thick enough to house both the Arduboy and a thin layer of soft foam (wrapping foam?) to protect the plastic. A substantive case will keep your Arduboy safe in your pocket.

Here’s a photo showing a credit card case I found that works nicely.


Could you show us a picture? Just out of interest … :disappointed:

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I think also it can be a good think just to know how to change this part, that will make help in case.
Maybe it was a better choice to buy a new one. I don’t know I just ask.
For the picture here’s.

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It’s a little hard to tell from that photo - is the cracking in the actual screen, or in the plastic cover?

What happens if you turn it on? (Which might be risky…)

The screen, I start it but the screen dosn’t work.

Ah, you put it in hardcore mode. It happens :slight_smile:. Feel free to use the contact form found here Reference your post in your message, and I’ll spread the word of your achievement :wink: We will probably be able to offer some help here.

Changing the OLED display requires surface mount soldering equipment and skills. It connects to the board using a conductive flex cable, which is soldered on.

Here’s a picture of the display:

Normally a “hot bar” would be used to solder this type of connector, but for (at least some of) the Arduboys this was done by hand. You can catch a glimpse of this in this video, at 1:28:

Hot bar soldering video:

The easiest way to remove the old display would be using hot air but since the display is already damaged, you could probably do it with a regular soldering iron, one connection at a time.


Hey, thanks for the picture, just saw your email too, let me send you a reply there. :slight_smile: