Changing the OLED screen

I love black & white. But could we theoretically change the OLED screen to a Color OLED screen? Or would the libraries be jacked up because it only recognizes white LEDs and can only control them? I have no problem with the screen it would just be a fun DIY project that I could entertain myself with.

Did you do any research before staring a new topic about this? A search of this forum for color screen turns up lots of previous discussion.

Ah, so it is possible. When I was making the post it didn’t compare to any other post, so I thought it was safe. You can lock it if you want to. Sorry for the inconvenience and clutter.

The problem with the idea, is that you would have to change more than just the screen. Currently 1 byte represents 8 pixels, but on a colour screen, it takes 2 bytes per pixel (usually) so it will take 16 times the information and time to create a colour image. The current processor is nowhere near powerful enough to get anything better than 1 or 2 frame per second with a colour screen.


Ah, ok. Also it only has 32KB flash. So I would have to change Memory, RAM, Screen, and Processor.

Thank you. I have to read whatever I can find.

The pin connector is only going to be compatible with these black and white screens. However, they do make blue ones and also very rare green! You can even find some that have a bar of yellow at the top 8 pixels, but I’ve only seen that in 0.96" screens.

We use the same OLED that Adafruit has in their breakout boards. The chip is a SSD1603 and you can look up the data sheet for that.

I am late to this discussion. Don’t know if there are still plans to upgrade the screen or not. I think sticking with monochrome is the right decision for the Arduboy. The one thing that would make a difference and keep the unique characteristic of the Arduboy is more screen pixels. I understand that there are not that many choices for screens that would work. But I am seeing 128x128 OLED monochrome screens with sizes that should fit inside the current Arduboy enclosure. Twice the pixel count would improve game play for many games.

Another option could be this 128 x 96 pixel monochrome OLED:
Size wise it looks like it might fit. 50% more pixels. Could this be a simple drop in replacement not requiring any hardware changes?