Cheap place where you can get parts for arduboy

hi, I need parts to make my NEW Arduboy except… THERE IS NO PLACE THAT SHIPS TO THE UK AND IS CHEAP. I mean eBay is Amazon but 20% off and 40% shipping so yeah. So does anyone know a place that sells cheap parts and also ships to uk? ?

You should also consider

thx but both have high prices for what I want

You’re in trouble then buddy, I have no idea where you’re expecting to get cheaper prices than that.

well, I have everything except the battery (above 7v and below 12v) and battery charging module. ehh I try my luck in the Aliexpress again the problem with them is shipping it takes days I probably get a rechargeable 9v battery from eBay then :neutral_face:

I am looking for 2nd hand things as they are cheaper

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Ah, I see. Well, in that case the best suggestion would be to get in touch with your local maker space or a school if you can. There is a good chance some of these parts are laying around.

Just out of curiosity why do you need a battery between 7V and 12V? It may end up being cheaper/easier to source a single cell lipo and use a boost converter if you really need that voltage range.

the thing is a boost converter is rare to find and if I do find it it is always above 12v

That’s unfortunate. Cant help with the rare to find part, but just about every boost converter can be easily modded by changing the feedback resistor to adjust the output voltage within a range.

ohh :grinning:. I look into it!