Chicken Cross - my first Arduboy game


So this game started out its life as a Frogger clone, ended up being a Freeway clone.


Objective is simple, help the chicken cross the road, score points.
Audio can be toggled on/off at the title screen.


Find the full source on Github.

$ git clone

Good work, congratulations !

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very nice congrats as well

Classic. Keep them coming.

Congrats on the game.

Hey, when you are ready to release, I will create a sub category on here for releases! Maybe some github action?

how would i get this on github? and yea a sub category “Games” or “WIP” would be nice.

Well, the first step would be to create a github account. Then you want to create a repository on github. On your local machine use git to create a repository where your source is and then commit that local repository to github. There are many many guides online how to do this, and the github website will walk you through it a bit too. I highly recommend learning the basics, as github is where people look now when they do hiring : )

this is epic, we will for sure feature this

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Great work dragula! Thank you for sharing.

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Good job and congrats :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Great job, looking very good.

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I’d love to try it, but it doesn’t start on my Arduboy. Anything I could try to make it work?

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It’s using its own library that only supports the DevKit. It won’t work, as is, on a production Arduboy.

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Oh, okay. Thanks for the info.

Hi there, thanks for the interest in my game. Ill port it over to the retail version once i get my arduboy in a few weeks.

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Great-looking, game, man! Looks like a clone of Frogger, but reminds me of the Cockpit, which is a game I made for PC for my arcade machine! :open_mouth: I was going to make a mini version for Arduboy when I got mine, but it looks like I was too slow! Haha.

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Dont sweat it this was the very first game released for the arduboy sdk so yea :stuck_out_tongue:

As a result of the arduboy lib being in the very early stages of development chicken cross did not age well and needs to be ported.
a lot of great progress has been made by members of the community such as dream3r just to name one.

Since i w ent for a limited run gold unit. Its taking a while to get to me but i already recived a tracking number so it should get here soon.

P.s. id love to try out your pc game if possible!

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It doesnt work for me.
I can load properly the sketch, no error message, but the screen get black.
I have an Arduboy 1.0.

Thanks for your reply and sorry about my english.