Chinese Giuhub website?

It seems almost IDENTICAL to GitHub.

It was @LHW with his fancy(quite some decent 3D imaging) box-pushing game that lead me there…
I am not saying it is bad, it just look interesting to me…
Does anyone use that thing??

In fact, I won’t be surprised if I can fork a Gitee repo into GitHub (although it is most likely a no), and Gitee is probably IN the Great FireWall.
They say it is advantageous over GitHub and suit them better, while also able to port in things from GitHub
GiuHub IS free(a lie made my Gitee say it cost), and I use it.

I was just trying to download his file, and now I need to login!

There’s also Gitlab, which I’ve always intended to try some day to see what it’s like, but never got round to it.
I know of at least one person who migrated to Gitlab after hearing that Microsoft had acquired Github.

I think the reason Github is the most popular is probably because it has been around the longest (since 2008) and never stopped growing.
It hit 1 million repos in 2010, hit 2 million in 2011 and 10 million repos in 2013.
Earlier this year it was the target of the largest DDoS in history, which is a testement to its popularity.
People tend not to DDoS something unless it’s popular.

You should be able to. Pretty much all of these sites are based on a thing called Git, so you should be able to clone a repo from any of the sites and republish it on another.

Hosting private repos with Github isn’t free.
If you want to keep a repo private then you have to pay a subscription fee.
Hence ‘not completely free’ rather than ‘not free’.

‘Automatic render README’ isn’t correct though, Github will automatically render a README depending on the format.

Aparently Github used to support other languages but it looks like they don’t anymore, which probably explains why Github is most popular with English speaking countries:

I don’t know about the others.
I’m not sure what they mean by ‘project reviews’.
Github does have several comparable mechanisms for reviewing code though.

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USA alone have more than one-third of all the GitHub commits…
It is GitHub, not Github.
Ask microsoft Microsoft dictionary (they probably added this word after getting GitHub)
Yes, you do need to pay $ if you want to keep something private.
Why, though?

It is indeed.
And it’s also technically GitLab and not Gitlab.

They should take a leaf out of Microsoft’s boot (Microsoft instead of MicroSoft).
Pascal cased company names are too much effort. :P

Possibly because otherwise they would have to make money through internet adverts like other websites do.
I think it’s also to try to encourage people to make their code open source.
Also they don’t get publicity through private repos, only public repos bring GitHub publicity.


I add quotation mark because I didn’t try yet…
Half of me is thinking this way.
Why, I just have it be open-source. AND IT IS FREE!
Hmm… :thinking:
But the other thing is once you pay this 7$(not very expensive) then you get “awesome” comparing tools and bunch other benefits

Why, I can only think Microsoft making it a better place.(right-click correction)
Hmm…MicroHub? Don’t sound bad.
Probably to get more VS community guys.
In Word 2018 it auto correct it for you (and check grammar, since 2010)
I think it also can do it in other languages…(I know at least it also do Chinese from 7 years ago)

Are you talking about GitHub or Gitee?

For GitHub the 7$ only gets you:

Personal account
Unlimited public repositories
Unlimited private repositories
Unlimited collaborators

Some people don’t like Microsoft.
Some people view all proprietary code as evil.

In fact,GITHUB is slow or unable to open in China because of the GFW
There are many code-hosting websites in my country, not just gitee

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I am in china, and I use it everyday. Great Fire Wall wasn’t banning this. NOT YET.

Well I haven’t seen anything else.
I got my Arduboy, went straight here and got Arduino IDE and library installed, picked up GitHub along the way, wrote some games and learned some code.

Local network providers will block, my home is “Great Wall broadband” on github needs VPN

Erm… I don’t need to use VPN…
But it’s OK if you can’t get on there daily (like I only have my VPN on once a week, and I call that “VPN time”)
Try to squeeze your code-upload process into your VPN times…

I moved to GitLab from GitHub. It’s basically the same, except more free software friendly. Still it’s only rated C by the FSF. Also some free software people I know don’t use it because it (mostly) requires JavaScript (even though it’s free, some people just have it permanently turned off). Some other issues are that it’s not completely open source (just open core, the enterpraise version is source available). Personally I have an issue with limited search capabilities in the free version and poor trending page => it is hard to find interesting projects. You also can not follow people (there are RSS feeds, but that’s not really the same).

Some people think the solution is federating these services.

Then there is GNU Savannah which is as free as it gets, but is very different from the GitHub design. Some people despise the idea of hosting version control services altogether, either because they think it’s just SaSS or because of the lack of full control. These people usually self-host something, or simply use mailing lists, which is seen as the ultimate freedom – you have total control here.