Chirp (most useless)

Make someone go crazy with your Arduboy. Just hide it, he will briefly chirp every 1 to 15 minutes.

Here is the source code of this masterpiece:


Sounds like the perfect way to annoy my family and co-workers. :smiling_imp:
Hard to tell if that Arduboy is either suprised or terrified from the sight and/or sound of that burb. I don’t blame it either way.


This might just be one of the most usefull apps lol, love it

it is the indiscuted all-time leader of the chirp category billboard

An attempt of “innocent” face was made. Unsuccessfully.

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I am going to hide this at work!!

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I added the source code, I know people like @Pharap need the source of daedalian programs like this :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps Icarian would be a better adjective given that you’re hoping to win “most useless”. :P

It’s true that I enjoy reading the source code,
but I also think it’s important to have the source code available for people to learn from.
‘Daedalian’ programs like this are usually much more accessible than your average Arduboy game,
which means they’re just as valuable.