Chri-Bocchi Cat - A simple action game

(OBONO) #1

chribocchi_shot1 chribocchi_shot2

How to play

Move the cat and bounce gift boxes for 2 minutes.



Download HEX file.
Or check out souce code and build project in ‘chribocchi’ folder.

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(Pharap) #2

Bonus points for featuring a cat.

(Erwin) #3

Cool how it optimizes resources removing snow :stuck_out_tongue: when there are too many objects

PS: Added to

(Kevin) #4

custom font! nice! :santa:

(OBONO) #5

You can meow by pressing D-pad down. :cat:

Thanks for adding to the repository.
Actually, frame skipping also occurs when there are many boxes.

Yeah! :santa:

(Holmes) #6

This game is so cute!

(Pharap) #7

This is now my favourite entry.
10/10 would meow again.

(Mr Y) #8

PS: Added to

Thx man because there’s no DOWNLOAD link nor button on the “github” something.

(Pharap) #9

The download link only turns up on the root page.

Big green button “Clone or download”.
(You have to grab the whole repo, you can’t just take individual files.)

(OBONO) #10

Click “Raw” button and save.
The extension of the saved file may be “.txt”. Correct it if you need.

(anonymous47) #11

Love the cat in the snow! FRENZY!!!

(Aaron Williams) #12

The snow is really well done! It almost looks like it is in grayscale!


2109 points with the special “stay-near-the-wall” technique!!!

(OBONO) #14

Meow meow!!

The code for movement of snow is very simple.

x += random(-1, 2);
y += random(2);

As you know, though the cat stops, sometimes great score can be obtained.
Level design is so difficult…


This game is strangely addictive. I love how many balls can be on the screen at once.