Chri-Bocchi Cat - A simple action game

chribocchi_v0.03.hex (59.6 KB)

How to play

Move the cat and bounce gift boxes for 2 minutes.
chribocchi_shot1 chribocchi_shot2



Download HEX file.
Or check out souce code and build project in ‘chribocchi’ folder.


Bonus points for featuring a cat.

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Cool how it optimizes resources removing snow :stuck_out_tongue: when there are too many objects

PS: Added to

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custom font! nice! :santa:

You can meow by pressing D-pad down. :cat:

Thanks for adding to the repository.
Actually, frame skipping also occurs when there are many boxes.

Yeah! :santa:


This game is so cute!

This is now my favourite entry.
10/10 would meow again.

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PS: Added to

Thx man because there’s no DOWNLOAD link nor button on the “github” something.

The download link only turns up on the root page.

Big green button “Clone or download”.
(You have to grab the whole repo, you can’t just take individual files.)

Click “Raw” button and save.
The extension of the saved file may be “.txt”. Correct it if you need.

Love the cat in the snow! FRENZY!!!

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The snow is really well done! It almost looks like it is in grayscale!

2109 points with the special “stay-near-the-wall” technique!!!

Meow meow!!

The code for movement of snow is very simple.

x += random(-1, 2);
y += random(2);

As you know, though the cat stops, sometimes great score can be obtained.
Level design is so difficult…

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This game is strangely addictive. I love how many balls can be on the screen at once.

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