Christmas over for another year

Why do people from the southern hemisphere do the whole Christmas thing?

It was 36 degrees in Melbourne and we ended up having lunch at a in-laws house who does not have air conditioning. Throw some turkey, pork and other goodies in the oven and cook for hours to heat the house up nicely and it gets really uncomfortable. Lucky we had beer …

When that was all over, we packed up your car and moved to another family house to do it all again for dinner.

Thank god its over.


Consider yourself lucky, Christmas Day just started for us in the US!

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One of the morning programmes had a presenter talking to some people on the beach in Aus with their red hats on. I didn’t catch where it was, but a few of them were holding an Isle of Man flag so I’m presuming they were on holiday.

Sometimes I forget houses in other countries have air conditioning.

Fortunately I don’t have to put up with those awful “visit all the family members” Christmases anymore. I don’t even bother with Christmas decorations or presents. Such blissful freedom it is.

Your “thank god its over” was midday for Britain.

We had a nice bit of rain about an hour ago. Now the sky has turned into a dull white and the rain is merely dribbling down, as it will probably do for the next hour or two.

Oh. I forgot it was Christmas today :sweat_smile: (or at least for me). The past 2 days we had a huge snow storm which came from the US (but then again, what even is Canada without huge snowstorms?!) and now looking out the window at all the sun’s light and the melted snow it feels like magic (during the snowstorm you could hardly see anything, and the snow was covering a tenth of one of the front windows and the door leading to the balcony was leaking wind and some flakes of snow). I guess I now know why they say Christmas is a miracle (or something like that :slightly_smiling_face:)

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The temptation to read off a long list of clichés is strong…

Sometimes I forget houses in other countries have balconies.

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Winter solstice

Ah…burp… just finished Christmas dinner…

As usual ate too much. Time to sitback, bulge out :pregnant_person: and relax :grin:

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That was last Wednesday.

All the ‘pagans’ were out banging their drums and hugging stonehenge at sunrise.

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Me too … Boxing Day is a day of no movement in our house. We just sit around groaning and moaning about how much we ate.

It has cooled down to around 30 degrees now so getting better.

It’s the day after now. traditionally we won’t be eating much :smile:

30 degrees? we have a nice chilling 7 degrees here. good for a walk and some fresh air :slight_smile:

Yeah … the whole hot lunch and dinner thing doesn’t make much sense when it over 30 degrees.

A few years ago we spent XMas in the Northern Hemisphere and it did make sense.

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It’s technically a deck, but I classify it as a balcony since it doesn’t have any stairs leading down into the backyard (because of the “ground floor” basement, though it’s really only “ground floor” on the backyard side since the house is on a slope. In other words, the deck is too high).

We’re currently -7° celsius here but I assume it should be getting warmer.

Today’s top? Back to 36 again.

Similar here. Highs of about 10-12 and lows of 4-6. I think we’re probably on a similar latitude. Though you probably aren’t getting quite as much drizzle.

Thinking about it, I think technically some flats do, though it seems unfair to call those brutalist poles ‘balconies’.

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I was lucky to ride my bike along the beach in shorts, although I did have to wear a coat. It’s pouring rain now.

Been thinking about visiting friends down under this winter to get away from the cold weather.

Swing through Melbourne … we can catch up for a beer or two :slight_smile:

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That’s where my good friend from high school ended up. He is always going on about how I should move there. I think I’ve told you my main point of reference for Australia is from watching Mighty Car Mods. Linked episode is the one that turned me on to them.

I haven’t watched that but it looks interesting. I really like ‘Full Custom Garage’ … some of the cars he makes are awesome some not so but much better than many of the ‘fix and flip’ shows.

Yep - that was me! :drum:
… Actually just went to a house party and burnt a giant wicker man… :wink: