Chrome Dino offline side-scroller

Great! And i love the “Arduboy coming down text” It´s look like the GAMEBOY. The Game are litte, but fine!

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Super legit. I’ll check it out when I get home

Simple, efficient, like it :smile:

Should anyone be interested, here is the Spooky Ghost Halloween Edition! :ghost:

Arcade_Chrome Dino - Halloween_Chrome Dino - Halloween.hex (36.7 KB)

Enjoy, happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern: :wink:


I would love to see this continue to be developed, I like the idea of the fake 8-bit game inside the browser becoming a real 8 bit game.


Looks cool,funny,and dramatic

hey there, my arduboy in going wack and I’m not sure how to fix it? what should i do. I’m brand new and i just got it today

What exactly is happening? Is everything scrolling to the side real fast? If that’s the case, try checking out this link to fix it.

sort of but there are just a bunch of dots showing up and sometimes there are more dots than before. Also,sometimes there is a long bar going horizontally and the dots are moving. It may be because there are 2 super small(2 millimeter roughly each) inside the visible part but the are not stuck to anything

Do you mind uploading a pic? That will definitely help us out!

For those interested, here’s the latest version of the game:

Enjoy :blush:

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This was so wonderful! My girlfriend and I got great joy out this piece of work you did! Cant wait to see more of your work, and any other conversions/recreations you do! :grinning:

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how do i download the newest version onto my arduboy?

There is a hex file here >

Use the Arduboy Manager to upload the games > Arduboy Manager 2.0 Released!

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The hitbox ain’t quite right so it is difficult to play the game. I am not saying it is a bad game though. Good job on the clone, but I might just go ahead and upload another one at some-point-in-the-future.

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You might prefer this version:

And the accompanying educational articles:

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Mine allows you to duck …


Fixed it for you. Ducks wasn’t invented then.


I can’t seem to get access to the link :frowning:

I renamed the articles because they clashed with @crait
They are under education \ lessons > Make Your Own Sideways Scroller: Part 1 - Steve The Jumping Dinosaur